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The unnecessary Journey of a paper cup



A paper cup produces a lot of pollution from the time it is being produced until it’s sale In a shop.So use a paper cup more than once.Or better avoid paper cups and use reusable mugs and cups…




The Pumpkin Spice Latte Trap

So you like coffee? Your palette only enjoys the best quality beans and the most complex types of brews. Well then, forget it all and throw it out the window! 206 more words



Today was not a fancy coffee day. It was a crash and  burn sort of day. After reading a fastidiously  depressing book last night. I found myself tired due  to lack of sleep and a bit grouchy. 99 more words


Blue things 001

S. Ardmore (Los Angeles) – 16 September 2014

91. Blue-eye, archaic: “a blueness or dark circle around the eye, from weeping or other causes.” 62 more words


28 Nagore

Paper cup illustration of Penang’s only synagogue. Yeshiva University Museum expressed an interest in the drawing and the cup was donated to the museum.



Angelus Novus

Pen illustration on paper cup.