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Paper Cups and it's History

A century in the past when Hugh Moore created paper cups, he fondly called them as “Dixie Cups“. Hugh Moore was so extremely interested by the name Dixie; he named the paper cups after it. 391 more words

Paper Cups

Paper Cups – Every Coffee Shop Needs Them

There’s no denying that a lot of people spend a lot of their time in coffee shops sipping on that steamy hot cup of coffee. This is what every coffee shop owner wants and would wish to see in their coffee shop; people having fun in their coffee shop. 456 more words


Advantages of Using Disposable Cups

Biodegradable cups are excellent when one is away from home. There are various advantages to picking paper glasses over Styrofoam and plastic.

Paper Cups – Advantages… 424 more words

Paper Cups

Water Cooler

It always amazes me to find items that have survived decades of trash bins, legions of paper lice, mouse families looking for vacation property, and the odd roof leak. 38 more words

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Buy Paper cups in UK

Paper cups are widely-used all over: on trains, in colleges, in workplaces, at hospitals and additional. The actual origins of the paper cup appear to be not known. 298 more words

Paper Cups

To make the world greener, let’s use eco friendly dinnerware

Everyone is going for green due to the exponential increase in pollution and adulteration of late. Although people have understood the severe consequence of contamination, still it has become hard to stop using such polluting agents because there is no readily available alternative at the present instance. 256 more words