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Eye Think

Eyes are so symbolic. I guess its a bit cliche but I can’t help myself. If you have been following my blog thus far, you have seen my obsession with meaning, or at least some glimmer of a meaning. 526 more words


When Crafts Get Messy: How to Remove Dried Acrylic Paint from Wood Floors with e-cloth®

I’m soooooo crafty.  You can start callin’ me “Crafty Kate”.  That’s how crafty I am.


I like doing crafts but the ideas must come from elsewhere and everything must be completely…under…my… control! 512 more words

E-cloth 101

Week 2, Day 2

Hello All,

You could probably tell everything we did today just by looking at your kid’s hands. As I type this, flakes of dried glue are literally falling out from underneath by finger nails and making the keys sticky. 348 more words



I’m currently working on a sword….It’s not based on anything in particular, other then the shape from the person who did the tutorial’s sword. I figured out the design, then cut out two pieces on some foam, hot gluing them together. 55 more words


Crafts Paper Mache Beads

Here is a way to do beads on a budget, if you have a lot of newspaper to recycle and a lot of time :) I left the pieces of paper soak in water for the night, then put them into the mixer with enought water. 108 more words


Crafting and Cocktails: Pimm's Cups, Barnacles and Porcelain Pens

This was a crafty kind of weekend.  I tried a couple of artsy projects that have been on my radar for a while – with varying degrees of success – and also perfected the craft of making a superb Pimm’s Cup.  815 more words

Katie's House

Day #141

Today I sat at my desk for a short time, looking to do something crafty before my nap. I finished off painting a box that I had started yesterday. 240 more words