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Mail Makes You Real

Several months ago, I appealed to my Facebook friends to please send me a handwritten letter, promising the same in return. Since moving away from the family fold and the town I grew up in, I have relied on the Internet to stay in touch and, as someone who loves all things paper, it has been tough. 94 more words

Handwritten Letters

Seasons Rewound

I wanted to share an incredible project relating to trees entitled “Seasons Rewound”—and the artists who created it, Barbara Pankratz and Barbara Johnston, both from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 172 more words


look at me, ma. i'm making paper!

We are here, we made it! One day of travel and one day lost to the void of time change, we spent all of Wednesday slowly exploring the area around us. 251 more words

Paper Making Pt 3: Step by step

There are many great resources for paper making and just as many techniques. A lot of websites will show you the proper, professional way to make paper, but most of us don’t have the time or money to spend on proper, professional tools and techniques. 1,679 more words


Paper Making Pt 2: Making a mold and deckle set

Mold and deckle sets can be expensive. They are often hard to find unless you order them online, but are very simple to make. All you need is two picture frames and some wire mesh. 469 more words


Paper Making Pt 1: The basics

I love to make paper. It’s an easy, forgiving art that takes almost no money to create. When I first started, I knew next to nothing about the craft. 826 more words


Paper and Papercloth

It’s been busy, busy, busy again, but I wanted to get a post up asap about my paper-making activities! 

Firstly, all the papercloth has been dried and removed, and I’m so pleased with how they turned out! 634 more words

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