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Six Year Olds + Wet Glue = Triumph

My greatest accomplishment for the second week of the new school year: successfully using wet bottled glue with kindergarten and first grade. This from the teacher who, last year, spent two full classes practicing procedures for painting WITH NO ACTUAL PAINT. 212 more words

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Hometown and Back Home

I’ve been home since Tuesday and quickly became thoroughly immersed in what I hurried home for: our shared not-blog-able situation which is just beginning to shift into high gear. 789 more words



A fancy paper sculpture for a fancy girl who loves dresses and shoes :)

Paper Sculpture

To WSW and (partway) Back

Women’s Studio Workshop is growing!

I am sorry to have neglected the blahg-o-sphere but it couldn’t be helped: busy busy busy!  But pretty much all good, and am having a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. 724 more words

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The white wing

After I made the first paper sculpture I wanted to go further.

With no experience, I had to think about something very close with the leaf element. 58 more words

Paper Sculpture