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she's crafty: ugly ceiling fan

So, when we purchased our condo last July, my husband and I thought the finishings were amazing. We got really lucky with a bunch of things. 323 more words


Spring it on! 5 spring finds under $25

Spring has arrived…finally! I’m sprucing up my mood with these 5 affordable gifts to myself!

1.  Farmers Market Basket // Anthropologie // $20
     * Perfect for displaying all your fresh, seasonal berries… 56 more words


Snail Mail

There is something so much more satisfying about writing a note (with a rolling ball gel pen!) than writing a text message. Not to mention that stationery and greeting cards are so on point and adorable these days. 256 more words

A Uniquely Crafted Gift

I love to give gifts and when I can give something that is unique and unexpected that makes gift giving even more fun for me. 276 more words


What the what?

Have you ever received a gift and said to yourself, “What is this?” or maybe, “What were they thinking?” I think it’s safe to say that sometime in our lives, we’ve all had that conversation… with ourself :) And it’s probably a safe assumption to say that we’ve all given a gift like that as well. 546 more words

My New Love: Terrariums

This past weekend I finally got to visit a little store in the Ravenswood neighborhood called Alapash.  I’ve wanted to make it out there since this past summer when I saw their booth at the Renegade Craft Fair.  561 more words


Kornblatt's Deli


Ever since I stumbled upon this blessed establishment 3 years ago, Kornblatt’s has easily become one of my favorite spots in Portland, OR. This is why: