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K is for "Know That We've Tried" (or, Paper Wings: Chapter 9)

Hey guys!

Chapter 9 of Paper Wings is up – I actually managed to post it on time for once! Yay! :D In this chapter Tobias is kind of a jerk to his mom, but it all turns out okay in the end, don’t worry ;) And I quite like the way both Tobias’s and Elle’s characters are progressing – as I’m sure you guys remember, I was having some trouble with character development in FH, so it’s lovely to have this as a practise! 42 more words


Paper Wings AMV

Watch out, guys! Feels are coming hard like a downpouring rain. If you haven’t watched Kyoukai no Kanata yet, you might as well pass this AMV up because it contains major spoiler. 23 more words


Paper Wings: Chapter 7

Hey, everybody!

Chapter 7 of Paper Wings is (finally!) up. :D In this chapter we learn more about Tobias’s music competition and there’s a bit of angst on Elle’s end, unfortunately. 141 more words