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In Praise Of: Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone

To me, at least, the psychology of reading for pleasure is interesting – why do we do it? What do we get out of it? Why is pleasurable? 868 more words


Do you love tasty food?

Yes, almost everybody does.

Taste is how we enjoy the food. Diverse Cuisines taste differently and provide distinctive experiences. People flock to specific restaurants just because of the yummy foods served there. 273 more words


The Colour of Woman

Mrs. Saan’s an eternal woman with a happy family, an executive in a flourishing firm. Sudden death of her son ‘Ahin’ in an accident shattered her soul. 367 more words



Ever Darkening is ready for release! I’m thrilled to be able to share this book with you. All the links are below. And, because I love all the support you have given me, I’m making it $0.99 for the first week. 159 more words

Panic by Lauren Oliver

A paperback has become a rare occasion with me, but it felt good to go back to the printed copy and actually feel paper, turn pages, smell the glue of the binding. 410 more words