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5/25/13 - The Paperclip

It’s interesting reading back over these now, a year+ later.  I feel naïve in my assumptions of what I thought I was trying to teach her; what I thought she could do.  1,154 more words


Remember the Microsoft Office paper clip?

There was a time when Clippy was the face of Microsoft, but ever since he left our monitors he has been turning up in some… surprising locations! 23 more words


Create a PDF with Prawn

Prawn is a pdf generator built in ruby, that is pretty full featured.  However, I found it pretty hard to find good current documentation on using it in Rails.   781 more words


Save PDF to User Model in Ruby on Rails Using Paperclip and Prawn

I’m using paperclip and prawn to create pdf certificates for users and save them to the user model in the background.

Paperclip is often used for user uploaded files, such as images, so I was uncertain how to save the pdf that was created with prawn to the user model, since the user did not upload it themselves.   115 more words


Red Paperclip Typeface

I’ve recently been focusing on designing a book for a university brief about a man called Kyle MacDonald who performed a series of trades to gain himself a house. 49 more words

Giant labeling paperclip

The Giant Labeling Paperclip is a large paperclip with a labeling tab. This design is a brilliant idea to help stay organized and easily locate papers.  72 more words

3D Printing