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Copy images from or within S3 bucket, without reprocessing

Its common to upload & retrieve images from Amazon S3. We also use existing one’s to create modified versions. Similarly, once our client came up with a requirement that he needs to duplicate his data along with images & then user can modify the cloned data as needed. 952 more words


Cherry Simple Compote...

I love Greek yogurt, but since becoming pregnant I have formed strong opinions of certain foods and the mere thought of some of them made me feel bleurgh!   224 more words

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Crop center and resize paperclip image attachment

has_attached_file :profile_image,
storage: :s3,
s3_credentials: {
bucket: Settings.s3_bucket_name,
access_key_id: Settings.aws_access_key_id,
secret_access_key: Settings.aws_secret_access_key
default_url: '/assets/default_profile_pic.png',
styles: { square_50: '', square_100: '', square_193: '' },
convert_options: {
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Innovation Watch: Paperclip Armrest

Many of us have felt some discomfort, one way or another, when taking a plane..

..especially when it comes to the armrest. We feel like we’re clipped and had to just endure hours of positioning for that throne. 64 more words


The White Lady - 3.3 (revised)


Briscoe had suddenly turned into a chatty New York cab driver.

“So, Mr. Smith, a little bird told me you went AWOL for quite a while.” This was after I told him where I wanted to go next: the communication centre of CCS, which the world knew as Chimera TeleSystems. 612 more words

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The White Lady -2 (Revised)

(2nd Installment Revised July 11, 2014)

(The Menil Collection, in Houston, Texas
‘A row of shrouded bodies.’)


Visualize a warehouse the size of two football fields. 891 more words

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The White Lady - 1 (revised)

This story originally started in answer to an exercise. Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge was to choose a random cocktail from a list of 20 cocktails and use that as the title of a 1500 word story. 1,916 more words

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