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Week 2: Diamond Earrings

Two big learning factors for me this week:

  1. Use your connections.
  2. Know what your customers want.

As the second week of trading has passed, I have slowly, but surely gone up the trading ranks as now I have diamond earrings compared to my initial item: the paperclip. 189 more words


A Clippy Throwback To The Old Microsoft Word

One of the best parts of the earlier versions of Microsoft Word were the virtual office assistants. But out of the cat, the globe, and the scientist, Clippy was always the best. 97 more words


The first trade

After my initial post about entering this class, I had to travel to Berrien Springs, Michigan for a leadership convention with my school’s sister schools. This made me miss a weeks worth of classes. 94 more words


1st trade

Traded my paperclip for a Bhudda statue. The statue was chipped in the back and had lost all its “powers” so he was happy to get rid of it.

I am a student attending Pacific Union College studying Business with an emphasis in Management. This spring quarter, I am taking this class called Entrepreneurship to have a more hands-on experience of how it may be like to begin a new business. 68 more words


The Project

10 weeks. 100 transactions. 21 students. Sell the final products and start an accelerator. The rest is history. Please join us.

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Paperclips.... Sigh

So just a few minutes ago as I was watching my favorite YouTube LPer. 
Hint Hint

My mom came into the room and asked me if I had a paperclip. 181 more words