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Cute bookmarks

I like simple and beautiful things especially those I can make myself. This is a guide on how to make a few cute bookmarks.

You need to have: 54 more words

Fabulous Handicrafts

Train Stations

It is widely known that trains and train stations had a traumatic effect on the Jewish people. Even the movie Paperclips honors Shoah deaths by collecting 6 million Paperclips in a train-car-turned museum. 159 more words

A young boy has been punished for bending paperclips.
Obviously, those disciplining the child did not consider the possibility of a kid just being a kid and simply bending the alleged “assault paper clip” – because he was bored. 206 more words



A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Alex: concentrating so hard to connect the paperclips and make a chain.

Megan: Learning those first few 100 or so words at school has sparked a new love of reading…being able to do it by herself! 27 more words


The Perfect Entertainer...

Who would have thought the humble box of paper clips would entertain the kids and keep them quiet during dinner at a restaurant???

Me, that’s who!!

Family Time

May Favourite: Geek Paperclips

This is a little bit different from my other posts but I thought I’d share a favourite item from every month. We’re already into June and so this post has come a little bit later than it usually would but nevertheless, it’s still here! 183 more words