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Day Twenty One - Clipped

That moment when you are sitting at your desk, waiting for a program to load, and realize that 4 paperclips can make a DragonFly :)

<3 GG

A Quick Stock Update

Admittedly, stock photography isn’t a main focus in my life right now. I’ve been pecking away at it for three years. Enthusiasm was higher earlier in the process. 104 more words


Swirly Paperclip Bracelet Craft: Redux

So…we finally did it! I held my inaugural tween/teen craft at the library and ten girls showed up! We had so much fun making swirly paperclip bracelet… 39 more words


Homage to the humble paperclip

Over the last few weeks we have been having problems with our internet connection. For some reason, without warning, we’d lose connectivity. Just like that. And it was often as I sat down with a cup of tea after work to catch up on all my blog reading. 523 more words


Scribble four: I say 'potato', you say 'patatah'

Dear France,

Hope all’s bien.

So I know we Engleesh can make plenty of jokes about the differences we have with our o’er-the-Atlantic cousins (why are we always cousins?). 440 more words

The Trees, the Birds, and the Patio

Have I mentioned that I can open a locked 1977 Chevy Malibu with a large paperclip in under a minute? And a locked 1977 Buick LeSabre with a metal coat hanger in under thirty seconds? 1,122 more words

Paperclip macaw

Here we have a brand new large creation. It’s a sculpture of a blue and yellow macaw perched on a free standing red and orange branch. 25 more words