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Be careful when writing conclusions

I actually did some research work this week (I know, crazy). And part of that involved going through a paper. The main thing that jumped out at me as I read it, was that you need to be really careful when you start writing about what can be concluded from your research. 762 more words


Epigenetics, developmental programming and diabetes

I’ve previously written about the importance of early life environment on an individual’s development, in the context of a rat model [1]. Here is another example from our lab and collaborators, this time in humans [2]. 690 more words


Paper: When Theology Unites and Divides: The Changing Relationship between George Whitefield and John Cennick, by Tom Schwanda

On June 25th during the George Whitefield at 300 Conference held at Pembroke College, Oxford University, Tom Schwanda (Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry, Wheaton College, IL) presented a paper about the relationship between two important figures in 18th century evangelical Christianity. 282 more words


Penn Bioethics Journal: Call for Submissions

Dear Ms. Gina Gould,

I am Aditi Verma, Editor-in-Chief of the Penn Bioethics Journal. We are currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2014 issue from undergraduates around the globe. 207 more words


"Union Strength, Neoliberalism, and Inequality: Contingent Political Analyses of U.S. Income Differences since 1950"

Do historically contingent political accounts help explain the growth in family income inequality in the United States? David Jacobs & Lindsey Myers use time-series regressions based on 60 years to detect such relationships by assessing interactive associations between the neoliberal departure coincident with Ronald Reagan’s election and the acceleration in inequality that began soon after Reagan took office. 107 more words


HIST 382. Europe in the 20th Century

This course is a survey of European history covering the late-imperial era, the world wars, the Cold War and the dynamics of European integration. Emphasis will be given to political, social, economic and cultural developments. 21 more words

20th Century