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The agenda for next week’s AGM, including draft motions, can be downloaded by clicking the below link.

2014 AGM Agenda

'Digital dinosaurs': a response

The CSIRO has recently released a paper advising that the Australian GLAM sector has to become digitally innovative, or risk becoming “digital dinosaurs’ (http://www.csiro.au/Portals/Media/Australian-museums-risk-becoming-digital-dinosaurs.aspx… 3,319 more words

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How Mass Segregation affects the Expansion of Star Clusters

Recently, my Iranian collaborators and I published another paper on mass segregation in outer-halo globular clusters. This time we looked at the effect that primordial mass segregation can have on the size evolution of these clusters (i.e., what happens if heavy stars are preferentially born closer to a star cluster’s center). 443 more words


Hello super non-secret blog of mine.

How are you?

I have a cold.

And I’m in grad school.

And I’m trying to download free software from my school’s library website.

In two years I might be in Japan…Spain would be cool. 68 more words


Tobii I-VT Fixation Filter, Algorithm Description

This document describes the general principles behind an I-VT fixation filter and they are implemented in the Tobii I-VT Fixation Filter.


Tunisian President Al marzouqi offers papers candidacy for second term

Help Point  The Tunisian President, Moncef Marzouki, on Saturday, leaves candidacy for presidential elections on 23 November, bringing the number of potential candidates for the presidential elections in Tunisia to 15 After nominating papers, said hashad told reporters: she ran to defend values that are defended throughout my career, most notably the independent national decision which is not present in force these days as well as Defending rights and freedoms, economic and social. 95 more words

A great day for non-news stories of the day

A day after the nation has come to terms with a no vote for Scottish independence from the UK, English papers have excelled in their coverage today: 85 more words