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Week 10 – Paper Review 3: GraphDice

Annotations After Reading

In the previous semester I took distributed system, when I got to introduced to some of the graph NoSql databases such as Neo4J, OrientDB. 119 more words


Week 10 – Paper Review 2: Force-Directed Edge Bundling

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The paper first introduced the basic algorithm it used for the force-directed edge bundling. Then show several examples of using that technique to optimize the viewability of several applications. 107 more words


Week 10 – Paper Review 1: Tree visualization with Tree-maps: A 2-d space-filling approach

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Traced back to the 1991, this paper is old but it conveys a formal algorithm to convert a traditional tree formed shape into a TreeMap which is a 2d space filling technique. 93 more words


Homework on homework on homework

I’ll be the first to admit, I was always lazy when it came to homework in high school. I didn’t mind doing the work at school, but their was nothing I’d rather not do at home then that. 146 more words


Undergraduate philosophy journal and undergraduate conference--please pass along to interested students (fwd)

From: “Anderson, Jami ( Philosophy Department )”


Attached is a Call for Abstracts for the upcoming 3rd Annual Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (scheduled for February 2015) and the open Call for Papers for the philosophy undergraduate journal compos mentis. 115 more words