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SDSU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

From: George Schieck

Greetings from San Diego State University!
I am writing to inform you that SDSU will be holding its 3rd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on October 18-19, 2014. 158 more words


The Red Zone Vs. The Dead Zone

I have three and a half legitimate weeks left in my semester (plus finals week), and in that exceedingly short time frame I have to write: 339 more words


The Quick Way To Become A Physicist

So you want to become a physicist, right? Problem is you don’t know much physics. Maybe you did some in high school. You might even have read a few physics blogs. 489 more words


The Last Week of Classes!

It’s FINALLY here – the last week of classes! So much has been going on lately that I haven’t really had any time to post updates, but soon I’ll have to start figuring out what to do with this blog – since I won’t be a senior for much longer! 352 more words

Sociology 101 Review

Breaking the Norms Paper

A norm is defined as something being usual, typical, or standard. Being a female to male transgendered identified person; I break the norms on a regular basis (particularly when I don’t “pass”). 600 more words


FHS 2450 Human Sexuality Review

Question: Most of us portray gender roles to varying extremes and in various ways. Some of us are androgynous in our gender roles. Some people feel pressured by peers, family, or societal assumptions to act in certain ways. 1,026 more words