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ScratchJr - #peel21st Blog Hop

This summer we were chatting about our favourite digital tools on Twitter and sharing some tools we would like to explore this upcoming year. It seemed like the perfect topic for our first #peel21st blog hop. 714 more words


Constructionist and Creativity Conference (Vienna)

From August 19th to 23rd, we attended the Constructionism and Creativity Conference in Vienna. Drawing on constructivist and constructionist learning theory, the conference emphasised on learning theory over creative aspects but it gave us a lot of insights by presenting various case studies in school with young children. 1,643 more words


MOOCs get schoolified: Two reports predict MOOCs will simply be absorbed

Seymour Papert might have predicted this.  It doesn’t matter if they’re great or not.  It is very hard for educational technology to disrupt school.  School fights back, and… 195 more words