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On rotation: Books

Sadie Plant: Zeros + Ones, Digital women and the new technoculture (1997)

Kevin Kelly: What Technology Wants (2011)

Seymour Papert: Mindstorms (1980)

Winner Langdon: The Whale and the Reactor (1986) 16 more words

Learning Cycles

Last week, Josh Burker posted a picture of a MakeyMakey “violin” designed and built by one of his elementary students. It’s a great bit of prototyping, using stretched wire and a metal bow to trigger MakeyMakey inputs. 773 more words


Constructionism Research Approaches

How hard is it to develop a research method that both matches your theory and created curriculum? What was simple and what was difficult? It is difficult to consider how to best employ a research method to study a constructionism approach to online learning. 382 more words

Hunting Microworlds

One of the most difficult part of reading Mindstorms in 2014 is pacing yourself through the long sections where it seems like Papert is simply explaining LOGO to an audience that has never owned a computer. 901 more words