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### Glass Paperweights, By Glass Eye Studio Caribbean Reef

Glass Paperweights, By Glass Eye Studio Caribbean Reef

Glass Paperweights, By Glass Eye Studio Caribbean Reef. If you looking for Glass Paperweights, By Glass Eye Studio Caribbean Reef. 78 more words


“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
Albert Einstein

My children ask me questions pretty much the whole day but by far the toughest questions come at the beginning of the day when we are walking to school.

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How thoughtless

I don’t tend to shy away from new ground and I’ll face a new idea with a seemingly endless supply of energy. However, there lies my downfall. 204 more words

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Predicting an itch

My daily internet wanderings ended up giving me creative inspiration the other day. I wouldn’t usually follow up on these findings. My enthusiasm is always pretty fierce but my grumpy thoughts tend to be loud ones; the main one being: 80 more words

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Day 18, What I collect

There are things I have collections of, and then there are things I actively collect, if you see the subtle difference. I decided I guess about in my 30s that I needed to collect something, and I liked paperweights, so I decided on collecting those. 270 more words

Collecting Doulton Lambeth paperweights

Looking around fairs I am sometimes amused by small curious creations stamped Doulton, the vast majority of which were the creations of Mark V. Marshall. His inspiration for these cannot be put down to one source, but rather he drew from his own imagination and probably Lewis Carroll’s imagination too with his representation of Carroll’s Mock Turtle and Cheshire Cat. 73 more words



I find paperweights useful while working, and all the more so if they are appropriate in some way. Here is part of my collection.

On the left is a marble… 72 more words