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10 Reasons Why Peace With Food Works and Diets Don't

We have heard it said that you can become an expert in your field if you practice it long enough and hard enough.


That makes us experts at discovering that diets don’t work. 365 more words

Peace With Food

Why video games can make you stronger

Like all topics, if you have never immersed yourself in the ‘thing’ then it is very hard to relate on a subjective level. Gaming is one of those topics that is often misunderstood and prejudged as a ‘waste of time’. 293 more words

Personal Evolution


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Neurons to Nirvana : Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

An interesting insight into the world of psychedelic medicines and the fact that “not all rules are here to protect us”.

Please note that I’m not condoning the usage of these drugs in order for you to reach enlightenment or a greater level of awareness. 84 more words

Documentaries & Movies

traveler's mirror reflects: backyard home haiku

Thriving lush green plants

in someone’s backyard transform

wilderness to home


Living in Paris in my lone studio many years ago, I used to keep a tiny potted African violet at my kitchen window to remind myself that it was my home. 60 more words


Success Is For The Fortunate Few - Or Is It?

I had an interesting conversation a while ago. I had been listening to a recording by LIFE Leadership founder Claude Hamilton about some of the thinking he used to be successful. 473 more words


Challenge and Controversy (MLK Quote)

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.