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Easter Service?

As a kid, I remember Easter being one of the two Sundays a year that my dad went to church.  In fact, looking around the sanctuary, I probably was not the only kid who appreciated this occurrence involving their own fathers.   2,290 more words



Competition exists not for the betterment of mankind. Competition feeds the ego. The ego is a selfish asshole that can never be satisfied.


Four Major Trends That Will Impact All Of Us

TREND #1.   Americans are living longer, but are not prepared.

Life expectancy in the United States based on latest statistics show that male live 76.1 years and female 80.9 years with an average of 78.6 years. 471 more words

Statitiscal Survey

Jesus: A Pilgrimage - by James Martin, SJ

My pastor and spiritual guide on the Holy Land pilgrimage, Fr. Rob Waller, bought us this fabulous book.  Fr. Rob and two retired  pilgrims meet regularly to discuss the book, pictured below at our Jesuit Spiritual Center.   627 more words

Daily Musings - Quick Reflections On Life.

Solar Tadpoles in Action

In 2009 a long article was posted on this site explaining that sunspots are created by the impacts of huge bodies, of the same composition as the main belt asteroids, ejected from Jupiter over the last six millennia. 1,096 more words


Popper, Kuhn, and the paradigm shifts of the genomic revolution

Paradigm shifts no more. During our bioinformatics workshop in Leuven, Roland pointed out that I tend to use the phrase “paradigm shift” too liberally. 1,054 more words


I Am Woman: The Powerful Birther of Change

All of my musings begin with a question. And always a deep one. It’s just my way.

Today’s deep question is: What does it mean to be a woman and a force for tremendous good and power… 620 more words

Goodbye Good Girl