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Thought For The Day - Unknown

Stepping your feet into the unknown territories only makes you seem a stranger in no mans land.

1. Stick to what you are good at. Otherwise, learn or ask questions to clarify. 135 more words


Thought For The Day - Stay Put.

Sometimes we may have the best position in our career life and that we are so inspired and motivated to be doing and performing at our best. 400 more words


Thought For The Day - Mistakes

There are times in our life that we make the wrong decisions, take a wrong turn in life, and we fell splat in life. That doesn`t mean that it is the end of the road. 151 more words


Apple competitors still smarting from iPhone blow

“Seven years after Steve Jobs unveiled the first Apple iPhone, top tech leaders are willing to discuss openly just how gravely they misjudged the device that ignited the mobile computing era,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo. 201 more words


Thought For The Day - Be Different

Be different.
Stand out from the others in whatever that you do. Standing out form the others in customer service sets you the WOW factor. Going the Extra mile without questions put you into the Personal Touch zone. 32 more words


Thought For The Day - Pick Up A Book.

Pick up a book and read. Any book. Go to the store, buy one book. Build that habit of reading, at least one book a month. 135 more words


Thought For The Day - Carve A Name

In anything that we do, make your profession you passion. The moment your are committed to make your profession your passion, then the mark of excellence will set in. 133 more words