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It all starts here...

More on paradigm shifts later.

It’s always a challenge to think of new and better ways to live life, but beginning is always a great start in the right direction. 49 more words


Day 0511

So many paradigm shifts lately: I’m becoming a human tectonic plate!
But it’s all good. I think.
Today’s earth moving realisation?
Well, I’ve always looked at my life and thought ‘a good romantic relationship would improve this’. 170 more words

New hypothesis regarding the formation of volcanoes

Researchers at Caltech and the University of Miami, Florida are using seismic data to create a new hypothesis regarding the driving force behind the formation of volcanoes. 12 more words



We all exist within paradigms and, as time goes by, paradigms shift.  This will not be a nostalgia piece or some yearning for the “good old days” gone by.   579 more words

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine

By Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America

Dentistry is seeing huge paradigm shifts and being challenged to change. Many dental practices are seeing a significant impact to their revenue and case acceptance. 326 more words


On the topic of paradigm shifts

Transcending the paradigms under which the majority of us train, race, (and generally develop our athleticism) is the most effective way to generate results that wildly outmatch any of our previous expectations of our athletic potential. 1,173 more words


Running, writing, and athletic expression.

It doesn’t serve us to think of running as we generally think of “sports.” Instead, let’s regard running as a form of expression. When we approach an activity we see as a “sport,” we typically ask: “what’s the goal here? 1,179 more words