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WORK is being paid highly to make other peoples dream come true. Think about it. Being paid low, or even no pay initially, hard work, extra time will give you the luxury to be paid highly and work at your own free will and time, that’s Business.  17 more words


Gratitude and Big Change

It’s the day before Easter and I am filled with such great gratitude.  Gratitude for nature.  Gratitude for the people in my life. Gratitude for people I don’t even know. 981 more words

Theta Musings

Do you know that most business started of during hard times? HP, Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s: Soft pretzels, Microsoft, FedEx etc. Yes, you too can. 213 more words


On Paradigm Shifts

When your paradigms are being shifted -

or uprooted:


you need to just stand still

and let Him reveal

what you really know  -  6 more words


A Medical Chinese Curse?

Change. We are condemned to live in interesting times, as the Chinese Curse purportedly observed -although there seems to be no evidence that there ever was such a curse, nor does anyone appear to have any idea what it means… But I have always assumed that it had to do with… 675 more words

Not About a Boy

Lest anyone think the effects were fleeting, I must reiterate: Mr. Hussey really has changed my life.

It may be that I had climbed, through considerable toil and effort over decades, to a certain tipping point on my own, and his well-chosen words just supplied the final push for a cataclysmic shift that had been coming by millimeters for a long time. 2,756 more words

Words From The Wise


Sometimes in life, one has to learn to say NO. The inability to say No sometimes can make you put yourself in the trash bin. Sometimes No can be the most beautiful word there is in life.