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In defense of Pastor Kathy

Dear Lord, I wish this blog goes viral..so viral that it surpasses all the hate blogs, twits and fb posts that I have read this day concerning this great woman. 1,081 more words

5 actions to shift into a higher relationship frequency

What’s emerging now is a completely different way of initiating, nurturing and navigating all connections, not just romantic/passionate relationships. After all, we are in relation to EVERYthing: the Universe, the Divine, humanity, nature, ourselves and each other. 851 more words


Ecclesiastes 12:8-12:14

John Carter
August 28, 2014
Ecclesiastes 12:8-12:14 – Wisdom

-No Manuscript-


Changing the paradigm: writing is not a "leisure time" activity

Now comes the big question: how do I start changing my daily routine?

At this moment, all the excuses come up: “but I work every day”, “school doesn’t leave me any time”, “I am too tired…”, “today I need to go to the supermarket, I better leave it for tomorrow…”, and we dedicate ourselves to an endless amount of activities, apparently more important, that come always before our writing. 110 more words


Twin Flames: can you build a happy life together without passion and romance?

A reader recently sent me this note relating to her Twin Flame connection:

I feel a divine connection with him. I just don’t feel the passion or romance in it.

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LECTURE NOTES_2.04 Uphill Urbanization and Zipf's Law

In March, Bloomberg reported on the details of Beijing’s plan for reform: “A $6.8 Trillion Price Tag for China’s Urbanization.”  The comments from Chinese officials, at first glance, seem to illustrate a recognition of some of the issues that need to be addressed. 1,655 more words


Mexico's Los Cabos Festival Sets 2015 Dates (EXCLUSIVE)

Celebrating the world premiere Friday night at the Sundance Festival of Jose Manuel Cravioto’s “Reversal,” a film whose origins trace back to its 2013 event, Mexico’s Los Cabos Intl. 898 more words