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Cold fusion continued | Of John Bockris and paradigms

A few days ago, I posted this entry on cold fusion in relation to Stanley Pons and Martin Flesichmann. I received quick responses from a few readers and it made me wonder what it is about cold fusion that generates such prompt responses.  270 more words


Paradigm Signs Joe Johnston

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Johnston has signed with Paradigm, reuniting the filmmaker with his longtime reps Adam Kanter and Martin Spencer. The writer-director moves from WME, where he signed in March as… 149 more words


can you let the fluidity of change be your safe place? (daily hot! quote)

“Change is spring board for a better version of you, not a death sentence for what seems safe. (Well, it is that too, but shh…)” -Amy Larson, … 33 more words


Neuro-Science – Creating a Paradigm Shift

Things which are coming into our experience, are coming in response to our vibration. Your vibration will seek to level out to the thoughts you are thinking, and you can tell by the way you feel what kind of thoughts you are thinking. 578 more words

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Written by Joshua Pantalleresco

Illustrated by Twyla April

Lettered by James Reddington


Protestantism and Economc Development

Protestantism and Economic Development

Empirical research suggests time and again that there is a positive relationship between Protestantism and economic growth. Unfortunately the theory about Protestantism is quite unclear, which makes the interpretation of the empirical relationship  problematic. 2,062 more words


Theory of the Electromagnetic Universe

The standard paradigm of our our planet and our universe never seemed to satisfy me. I don’t necessarily believe it. I always find it helpful to do my own research and form beliefs based off my own experiences and not what I was told by others. 693 more words