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Paradise Lost in Second Life returns

As announced by Canary Beck on the 15th of July, the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s critically-acclaimed theatrical adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost… 206 more words

Second Life

Confidence Lost.

Confidence is a fragile thing. Once it is lost, it is extremely difficult to get it back. Bear with me.

John Milton released his epic poem… 1,202 more words

Paradise Lost ix, ll 679 ff Satan's seduction

A short powerpoint to breakdown Satan’s seduction into manageable and useful sections. For use with the synopsis and sound files already blogged.

satan’s seduction ppt… 10 more words


PARADISE LOST book ix. A synopsis.

Section 1 1-99

The book opens with an invocation to Milton’s muse in the style of all great epics from Homer to Dante. He begs for help as he needs to turn his tale to tragedy and away from the domestic bliss which has dominated the central books of Paradise Lost. 5,048 more words


Quickies: More Under Armour tees, King Buzzo's subway showcase, and more

I have no wisdom to share today. So, eat it, World. Who actually wants to hear what we have to say anyway? This is what you’re here for… 169 more words


Of Scarlet Letters

Today my crazy brain has gone and taken the Book of Genesis, the Scarlet Letter, and  Miley Cyrus, and attempted to make soup. Kitchen sink soup, where you take all your  leftovers, throw them in a pot, and hope for the best. 577 more words

நைய்யாண்டி தர்பார்

மக்களை ஆளுவோர் , மக்களை ஆளுவோர்
மக்களை வைத்திங்கு ஆட்டங்கள் ஆடுவோர்

பதவி போனதும்
என் பிரிய ஜனங்களே, என் பிரிய ஜனங்களே
நான் செய்ததெல்லாம் நீங்களும் அறிவீர்.

கச்சி விட்டு கச்சி தாவியதுண்டு 292 more words