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Adam and Eve - After the Fall

Original prompt: Consider Adam and Eve’s reply to Christ’s questioning about eating the forbidden fruit (116-63), Adam’s rejection of Eve’s advances (863-908), and Eve’s plea for forgiveness (909-36). 860 more words

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The Intersection of Matter and Spirit

Original prompt: When an angel comes to dinner in Eden, Adam marvels how a spiritual being can eat physical food. Consider Raphael’s reply (397-505). What does the angel’s reply suggest about the relation between matter and spirit in the universe of… 902 more words

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Satan's Soliloquy

Original prompt:  Contrast the Satan who addresses his hellish followers to the Satan who considers his plight alone (4. 13-113). Why doesn’t he repent? Consider his refusal in the light of God’s discussion of grace in Book 3. 938 more words

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Rebellion in Paradise Lost

My paper will attempt to show how Milton’s characters oscillate between Christian humanism and a world of independence which oscillates between predictability and idiosyncrasy by focussing on the notion of rebellion. 2,945 more words


The Unholy Trinity: Satan, Sin, and Death in Milton's Paradise Lost

Satan, Sin, and Death represent a perversion of the Holy Trinity in Milton’s Paradise Lost, working as ideological opposites both in terms of how they are portrayed and in their moral characters when compared to their divine counterparts. 3,543 more words

Literary Analysis

Mourning Pyre - Mourning Pyre (Review)

This is the début EP from Mourning Pyre, a one-man Instrumental Blackened Doom project from the Ukraine.

A mournful, desolate Classical piece begins proceedings at the start of  195 more words


Poem 372 - Lucifer and God

God’s throne room. God sits on his throne. Lucifer stands beside it.

Lucifer: What is it that you wanted, God?
There is naught here that needs me, 2,604 more words