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When I saw the CD
on the floor of my truck
I saw three letters scribbled
and though scratched
beyond recognition
I could hear it playing… 248 more words


Paradise Lost, by John Milton - Quotes

  1. The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n. – Book 1

  1. Better to reign in hell, than serve in heav’n.
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Famous Quotes

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
Paradise Lost,
John Milton (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674)

Quote Of The Day

Day 6: Eden

Oh Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit

Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe

With loss of Eden.… (John Milton, …

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Bede's A Film For Every Year Of My Life – Part 2

If you remember last month here on the site, my friend/podcast co-host/head honcho of this site SuperMarcey decided that in the lead-up to her 30th birthday that she was going to do a three-part article series called… 1,821 more words


Analysis of Quatrain #38 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

I repent the dream I lost in Time’s womb;

Perchance Life hides from me a dream to plumb:

Not satiated with the dream to come… 252 more words

Benny Thomas