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The Seau D'Eau Adventure

“It took my breath away.”

“He/She took my breath away.”

“Taking one’s breath away.”

There’s something about having your breath taken away. There’s something so astonishing, so marvelous, so beautifully beyond imaginations that it leaves you grasping for air because it took your breath away. 788 more words


Road Trip to Old Mauritius

Loums’ aunt Gladys has a friend called Willy who owns a taxi, and she recommended we give him a call when we saw her on Saturday. 1,100 more words


Paradise Sought

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases;

it will never Pass into nothingness”

-John Keats



Summer Shoes

Summer might mostly be about shorts, skirts, t-shirts, and tank tops and it certainly has less accessories than winter (think gloves).

But that means that shoes become one of the main accessories during the summer (my other favorite being sunglasses). 71 more words


I am a Mess doesn't mean You have to be too...

I am a contradicting person. I will suffer, feel the pain, wish to die but if someone near me even try to do any of these things I will stop them. 273 more words

My Articles And More

Cris Cab - The Script

Ultimate relaxed feeling

And a new song from The Script, Enjoy!


Living In Paradise

Today started Vacation for both me and the Hubby! Which means no work just us and the kids enjoying life! I had visions of a Leave it to beaver type moments with well-behaved kids and everything is just Grande! 402 more words