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Dear Abby

I received a “Dear Abby” in the mail yesterday; it was from me. I had written it on the last day of a yoga retreat I attended with my mother, just five weeks ago, and, like many things I do, I had forgotten about it. 631 more words

Why are you so unhappy? The Paradox of Choice

A few months prior, when I was trying to make what I thought at the time was a tough decision, a good friend of mine introduced me to the theory of the… 888 more words


Paradox of Choice

For those who don’t know, the paradox of choice is the idea that the more choices somebody has the less happy they will be with their decision. 94 more words

Week 2 Reflections

Our week 2 class was very engaging with the Twitter activity and presentation.  While Twitter is very popular, I have not been an avid user of it, even though I have had an account for a while.   372 more words

ETEC 672 Reflections

The more options, the better?

Many people think that having more options allows for a better choice. The reverse has proven to be true! Freedom of choice makes us unhappy. Just think about all those teenagers not knowing what to do after graduation, the growing number of students being unhappy with the degree they have chosen and the general dissatisfaction among adults. 152 more words

Words Of Wisdom

The One With the Sheep

I’m lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I can’t sleep because I’m not really tired. I turn on my right side, then my left, then return to my back. 772 more words

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