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The taste of new coffee

by Deeksha Tripathi | Working Professional, Mumbai

I was walking down to the new coffee store that had opened near my house in Mumbai. I was inordinately excited about the new store, mostly because I never really had the luck of having one near my society. 439 more words

11 Paradoxes that Show why your 20’s are the Absolute Best Time of your Life

When I first started this blog, I promised myself it wouldn’t turn into some sort of preachy, nonsensical advice platform where I share my limited insight with the masses as proposed solutions to all life’s woes. 993 more words

On blue tales

yelling yellow yearns
you yea yesterday
your young yourself
your youthful yultide

locomotive lowmotive
limbos limbs limber
little lingering longer
lowest lawsuit lawmakers

smile smoking smuggled… 107 more words


Simulation Shows Time Travel Is Possible

Australian scientists created a computer simulation in which quantum particles can move back in time. This might confirm the possibility of time travel on a quantum level… 300 more words

Life is long... and short

Is it possible for two seemingly opposite statements to both be true? On the face of it, the answer would be no, but not so fast. 446 more words

About Writing

Discrimination & Context

There are things that sometimes strike me as odd. One of these things is the negative meaning that is often given to words like discrimination. In the context of human nature, it can be learned or inherited behaviour. 361 more words

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