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Birthday Paradoxes

If people’s birthday are distributed evenly throughout the year, how many people do you need to put into a room to have a decent chance of a shared birthday? 632 more words


We are all ghosts

sometimes fog clears up between mountains,

sometimes rain falls down in deserts,

ghost towns seem abandoned but

sometimes there’s life in a corner

maybe it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. 69 more words


Why It’s Good To Be Wrong

Nothing obstructs access to the truth like a belief in absolute truthfulness.

By David Deutsch Illustrations by Gérard DuBois January 15, 2015

Re-Post from Nautilus… 3,299 more words

Civil Society

Paradoxes or prejudice towards civilizations

Fernando Villaseñor criticizes the argumentative discourse that Huntington used in Clash of Civilizations because it provides a kind of prejudice in conflicts narrated. The intention is suggesting Fernando to establish guidelines to investigate the relationships between civilizations from a vision problem, and even more unrecognizable character of permanent conflict. 394 more words

Philosophy Affairs

पाणी - गरम आणि थंड...

कोण्या शहरातलं ते एक चांगल्यापैकी लॉज. मागच्याच बाजूला ती झोपडपट्टी.

पहिल्या मजल्यावरच्या एका खोलीच्या बाथरूमच्या खिडकीतून बाहेर येणाऱ्या कडक तापलेल्या पाण्याच्या वाफा बघत तो उभा त्याच्या खोपटाजवळ.

आज पहाटेच उठून त्याला कामाला जायचंय. बोट लाववणार नाही इतकं गार पाणी समोरच्या तडा गेलेल्या प्लास्टीकच्या बादलीत. जेवढं गळून जाईल तेवढं बरं असं म्हणत असताना परत मनाने हिशोब सांगितला – थंडी आणि न्युमोनियाने खंगलेल्या बापाला उचलून नेले, आजचा चौथा दिवस…

– मकरंद

Fulfillment vs. Negation; On the paradoxes of Christianity.

Thou shalt not have sex before marriage. Thou shalt not drink any alcohol. Thou shalt not… 

The list goes on. Eating meat on Fridays during Lent, missing service on  1,072 more words