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The never-ending dilemma of desire versus practicality is the most apparent in my life when I’m looking at houses. My boyfriend and I won’t be able to buy anything for a couple years now, but we like to look, just to know what’s on the market. 381 more words

Double Twist


          I am sitting on a bench in the middle of autumn…alone…slightly underdressed for this time of the year…But I’m not bothered…The Sun caresses me with his warmth and reminds me of you…It reminds me that there was once someone who kept me warm…But meanwhile you turned into a cold and stubborn stone…I cannot understand what happened…I guess there always comes a time when the distance between two souls grows bigger and bigger and becomes too big for them to reach ever again…Or maybe one of them is headed in the opposite direction, therefore it is impossible for them to meet again, to reunite and have the same feelings for each other. 450 more words


The Wikipedia Paradox

According to Wikipedia (citations omitted):

“Ignore All Rules” is a “favorite” rule of the English-language open content encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Its formulation is generally (emphasis in original), “If a…

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Monty Hall and Loss Aversion

After my last post, I started thinking about other ways to extend the Monty Hall problem to more doors. If you want to take your intuition in a very different direction, try this: there’s a car behind one of 100 doors. 168 more words


On Changing the world

“Look Hannah, I’m digging up the world!”

This was the exclamation of a child in PNG as he was digging in some dirt.

And it just struck me as an incredibly profound statement.

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