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Monty Hall and Loss Aversion

After my last post, I started thinking about other ways to extend the Monty Hall problem to more doors. If you want to take your intuition in a very different direction, try this: there’s a car behind one of 100 doors. 168 more words


On Changing the world

“Look Hannah, I’m digging up the world!”

This was the exclamation of a child in PNG as he was digging in some dirt.

And it just struck me as an incredibly profound statement.

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An Introduction to the Paradox

Apologies ahead of time for the excessive use of capital letters.

What about pankakes?

SOME ARE MADE IN PANS… 793 more words


The Paradox of the Barber

The paradox of the Barber was first introduced by the British philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970). Russell asks us to consider a village with just one barber who has some constrictions on which people he shaves: he only shaves the villagers who do not shave themselves. 81 more words

Bad Reasoning

The Beautiful Person #2

Of late I have been looking inside of myself to find a bit of a jungle. Right and wrong perspectives and ideas, right and wrong thoughts and emotions all intertwined and mingling. 437 more words


The Liar Paradox

The Liar paradox arises when we ask ourselves whether the following sentence, called a “Liar sentence”, is true or not:

This sentence is not true. 101 more words

Bad Reasoning