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"Visualizing Probabilistic Proof"

Our latest theoretical paper (“Visualizing Probabilistic Proof” — click on the image above to see our abstract) has just been published in volume 7 of the Wash U Jurisprudence Review, along with an interesting Note by Krista C. 60 more words


kenya @ 51: this is the country we live in

This may come as news to many people living in Nairobi but there’s a park really close to the city Centre. It’s a great park the kind that would show up in all those indices showing which city is best to live in. 1,435 more words

Borgesian infinite regress

“On some shelf in some hexagon , it was argued, there must exist a book that is the cipher and perfect compendium of all other books *** How was one to locate the idolized secret hexagon that sheltered ?

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Logical Fallacies

Problems with time travel in Harry Potter... and in everything

Time travel plots are the most infuriating thing any author can put into his or her fiction. For one, they’re almost impossible to get right and, for two, they will almost always end in closed loops. 3,117 more words

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Kobayashi Maru

“No one passes this test.” Here is more, from Wikipedia:

The Kobayashi Maru is a test in the fictional Star Trek universe. It is a 

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The Waiter Paradox

Today, I’ll discuss one of my favourite paradoxes, and unravel it. It’s called the Waiter Paradox.

What is a Paradox?

The dictionary definition says that a paradox is “A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true”. 618 more words


The never-ending dilemma of desire versus practicality is the most apparent in my life when I’m looking at houses. My boyfriend and I won’t be able to buy anything for a couple years now, but we like to look, just to know what’s on the market. 381 more words

Double Twist