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Some Strange Math Facts

Things we did not know

Ulam holding a strange device

Stanislaw Ulam was a Polish-American mathematician whose work spanned many areas of both continuous and discrete mathematics. 1,444 more words


Life is beautiful filled with paradoxes.

In our days and time of life… Today… We, the creation, have learned to make a living, but we have not learned how to do “Life”. 361 more words

Creative Writing.

The false strategy of pursuing shareholder value

“Shareholder value is the dumbest idea in the world.” – Jack Welch

Early in Obliquity, John Kay devotes an entire chapter to examining why profit often evades those who seek it.

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by Prerona Mukherjee | BJ&MC 1st year, Amity University, Lucknow

The evening had become iridescent with the heart-warming prolific laughter of the drifters and the jolly colours around the town, as the lights from the street lamps and the ever-crowded miscellaneous shops, flickered and swayed like young candy chewing children on the swings. 380 more words


Baby just before you aim the gun at me, you kiss me. Just before you tell me to never be me, you say you appreciate me. 134 more words

Wei wu wei

Action without action, effortless doing.

The taste of new coffee

by Deeksha Tripathi | Working Professional, Mumbai

I was walking down to the new coffee store that had opened near my house in Mumbai. I was inordinately excited about the new store, mostly because I never really had the luck of having one near my society. 439 more words