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PHOTO GALLERY: Paragliding in Greenland

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a paraglider!

Across Nuuk’s treeless landscape one cannot miss the unmistakable half moon shape of a paraglider floating silently overhead! 724 more words



Here’s a relaxing video of my friends and I flying near Planfait last year. It was a bit overcast so our XC plans were shot, but any day flying with friends is better than… well, anything :)

Happy Birthday Tracy!



Late at night I arrived at Marlons place in Annecy. He was a warm and welcoming guy.

1 flight from Forclaz in the morning, relaxing at the imperial beach in the afternoon and another flight in the evening. 135 more words

Rétt hugarfar

Ég er búin að vera alveg orðlaus yfir allri athyglinni sem hefur verið í kringum ævintýrið mitt í Ohrid fyrir viku síðan. Sérstaklega þegar það var hringt í mig frá Vísi. 1,964 more words