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#280 - Keep a List of Words You Like...

…for their sound, for their meaning, or just for their goofy spelling.  Pick on of those words and use it in a paragraph.

Is there a better word that best sums up confuse as befuddle? 

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We all know that bloggers need to post regular updates in order to keep their followers interested. But don’t you hate blogs that lack the originality to write new and exciting posts each time? 211 more words



My interests are bland and my mind is constantly focused on an empty space. I sleep in patterns so strange, they hinder my choices and ruin my opportunities. 104 more words

First Post: Don't Get Sick in July

This short paragraph was from an unfinished story but I need to get the first post out of the way. This short story is inspired by interns working in hospitals. 124 more words


The Paragraph Sandwich

For many years, writers have broken down their ideas into paragraphs, or sections of an essay that help the reader (and writer) to keep the thoughts of the essay organized. 556 more words

ESL Writing

Respecting a Mouse

A 150-Word Paragraph (! It’s EXACT ¡)

If you’ve skimmed my previous paragraphs you’ll recall that for me to admire you, you gotta respect others, get off your lazy buttocks to work, and recognize that insultingly raw humor isn’t funny. 126 more words


November 7th - One Week Down, One Robe On

I believe that during each Friday No-Shave update I will wear my thrift store casual robe. Is that okay with you? Because it’s okay with me.  1,576 more words

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