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Like lengths of rope, intertwined or fastened end-to-end, sentences support or extend each other.   Contemporary processes and post-philosophies limit restrictions on interchangeability and flux, equalizing emphasis, flattening textures, becalming currents and allowing surfaces to grow fœtid and opaque. 20 more words

Making It Up

Type Essential

The next stage in Photoshop CC Essential Training is Type Essential. This area covers Exploring character (point) type, Adding paragraph (area) type, Adding type on a path, Clipping an image inside type, Warping type and Defining character and paragraph styles



Kiss me a paragraph and I’ll write you a novel.

Respond with ‘K’, and I’ll hand you a banana.


Scripting tag

html is focused on marking up websites .That means there should be some tags centralized on bold,italic and some other types.

<br> tag is used to give break line . 64 more words

Html Tutorial

PIE Paragraph Structure

This is a Master P.I.E. handout and tool I use for my students to understand that there is a structure for paragraphs. For my 101 students I pretty much tell them to do this for nearly all body paragraphs (excluding summary paragraphs) and they all find it super helpful to use when drafting out an essay with a lot of research. 238 more words

Summary paragraph (Later to rise, Not earlier to bed)

The Los Angeles times explains how many teenagers have a similar problem with their sleeping order. The AAP American Academy of pediatrics declared the chronic frequent sleepiness of our nations teenagers to be a public health problem. 76 more words