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Give it your hundred percent.

To become something in life, you need to work towards it. Sitting there blabbering about how you want your dreams to come true won’t get you anywhere. 185 more words

God's dream - a pebble in your shoe

Do you dream big? Do you dream at all? Some people are afraid to dream. They prefer to live in the here and now, in the measurable where results can be proven and replicated. 324 more words

But now, I'm the sun.

It was beginning to get good. I was starting to feel happy again. Everything was perfect, until you decided I wasn’t. I could have have given my everything to make you stay but you’d have not cared at all. 133 more words

Words in my Head

I’m a loner, and I love being all by myself in a pitch black room, lost in my darkness. Its peaceful, its safe. But sometimes, you just end up wishing for something different. 137 more words

Everyone has a story.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason for why they are the way they are. The universe is full of mysteries. You need not and can not know all of them. 231 more words

Writing Update: July 21 2014

So I wrote a very small amount… Only two paragraphs. But that should change because I treated myself to some amazing pens and it would be a shame not to put them to use. 19 more words