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Here, beneath the railway bridge, I notice the umbrella’s taut membrane picking up vibrations from the air of this hemmed-in space. Movements that would otherwise go unnoticed are now registered by my unwitting device, its new purpose only afforded by the shelter of these rose stone arches.


But what about the reader?

Welcome back folks, no time for much preamble as we have a score to settle here! I told you I was writing 491 more words
Writing First

Descent into B6

I remember it well. I was attending graduate school back in the mid-1980’s, and my adviser instructed me to use a certain booklet — I don’t recall the title — that was then recommended as the definitive style guide for the writing of a master’s thesis. 1,645 more words


A paragraph is series of sentences that talk about one topic. There should be a topic sentence that tells the writer’s main idea. This topic sentence is then developed and supported by several supporting sentences to make the message clearer. 1,010 more words

ESL Lessons


Rambo has a specific problem ‘He doesn’t know when he started an activity and doesn’t know when can finish an activity’

Reasons ‘He cannot say No’, ‘He believes in helping team’, ‘He loves conversations in between work’,’ He hates tracking’, ‘He believes he can remember words, faces so no need of documenting’. 130 more words


If it were that we were created by a superior being and there were some sort of meaning behind it, we wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. 55 more words