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I sat down and wrote a few paragraphs. They presented me with a very controversial message, one I was not sure I agreed with. But upon rereading, I found I made a convincing case . 8 more words


Exercise: Hierarchy

In this exercise using about 500 words of lorem ipsum or other dummy text I have to design three different pages:

1. An interview with a TV actor in listings magazine entitled: Will Sheila tell the naked truth? 1,062 more words

Part 4

I'm thinking of writing

So since I’ve started reading I’ve wanted to give writing a go so I’m waiting on a journal from Ebay because for some reason I’ve always wanted a leather journal filled with ink sketches so I’ve been practising my drawing with ink, anyway! 224 more words

Business man.

The morning fog was still thick and the air was heavy with anticipation as busy city mice dashed and dived around platform 3A. Sat on a bench, legs crossed and engrossed in his local times was a man of his word, here to meet his un-named business partner for the briefing of the latest operation. 37 more words

Catatan: Numpang Hidup sama Mister

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya mendapatkan sebuah SMS yang membuat bulu kuduk berdiri lalu tersenyum simpul. Sebuah nomor yang tidak saya kenal, mencaci maki saya. … 430 more words


H A Z E L E Y E S // 0.2

He sat, his eyes following the blurred trees racing past the train. His hands gripped tight against the yellow bar as his short brown locks that laid messy on his hair, with the short sides fell across his sad face. 226 more words



Walking my Pug is one of my favorite things in the world. My pets are my best friends and I cannot think of anything which can compare to the pleasure and happiness you feel spending time with your best friend. 141 more words