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Building Flickr's new Hybrid Signed-Out Homepage

Adventures in Frontend-Landia

tl;dr: Chrome’s DevTools: still awesome. Test carefully on small screens, mobile/tablets. Progressively enhance “extraneous”, but shiny, features where appropriate.

Building a fast, fun Slideshow / Web Page Hybrid… 2,759 more words


Report: Amazon's smartphone will have a tilt-based gesture interface

Amazon’s(S amzn) unannounced handset will employ a 3D interface that “dramatically changes the way users interact with a smartphone,” according to a report published on BGR on Tuesday.  210 more words


Web Design Trends

I’ve recently been looking a lot into web design and how it works because it’s something I find kind of fascinating, and since web is taking over the world in it’s own strange way, I think everyone should have some knowledge on it and how it works. 66 more words

BSA 6-18X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Side Parallax Adjustment and Multi-Grain Turret

BSA Optics 6 – 18×40 Sweet 17 Riflescope. Custom made for bullet – drop compensation! Specifically designed for the .17HMR bullet! Made to model the trajectory-compensation scope that was originally crafted for military use. 99 more words

So simple, yet impossible 2 years ago

There’s a great new app for Android, which lets you take a picture and focus it later. Not sure how solid the pictures are, but it works by moving the camera while you’re taking a picture, which gives the camera two (or more) points, which determines depth the same way your two eyes do, which it then layers on top of the picture to determine which area of the photo you want to focus on. 19 more words


Retcon - Insulting or Smart?

Retroactive continuity. Retcon. For the last 30 or so years, this has been the bane of many comic readers existence. Publisher and writers reaching back into their storied line of titles and changing some to detail to allow them to continue in the way they want. 833 more words

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Parallax - Hip Hop Philosophy

London rapper Parallax submitted this track on Twitter, and we can’t get enough. Something about this jazz-influenced beat just makes you wanna nod your head, and Parallax spits knowledge about his opinion on the state of Hip Hop right now. Definitely a must listen.

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