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IBM to build two supercomputers for the U.S. Department of Energy

IBM said today that it will develop two new supercomputers for the U.S. Department of Energy that are based on IBM’s new Power servers and will contain NVIDIA GPU accelerators and Mellanox networking technology. 214 more words

How to Parallelize Deep Learning on GPUs Part 2/2: Model Parallelism

In my last blog post I explained what model and data parallelism is and analysed how to use data parallelism effectively in deep learning. In this blog post I will focus on model parallelism. 661 more words

Deep Learning

The Exascale Revolution

HPC Wire (10/23/14) Tiffany Trader

Experts are coming to a consensus that the shift from the petascale to the exascale supercomputing eras is going to be more challenging than many previously anticipated. 170 more words

High Performance Computing