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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 40

Some journeys are not just about the destination, but the cliché doesn’t apply to all situations; and if all their previous outings had been about nothing else but the experience itself, a means to discover each other’s secrets and hidden frustrations, past and present, the current one was all about where it would take them, the climax of this stage. 143 more words

Parallel lives

In the building opposite my kitchen window there is an office.

Whenever I pass by that window I make sure to have a little look at them.  44 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 39

The morning didn’t betray the sleepless moments of the night before, a few hours of good rest are all a woman Amalia’s age needs to recover, especially when the metabolism is already used to late nights of reading and studying and even later nights of adrenaline and dancing on loud, exhausting rhythms, which have the benefic effect of helping one forget the misery of life, at least for a while. 307 more words

Let's Judge the Book Cover

It happens every day, we all do it… We all judge the book by the cover – be it in a figurative or literal manner – at least on some occasions. 73 more words


With a dissertation to do next year, I’ve been working hard to get plenty of reading and research done, (I’m sure the time will fly). I’ve also been doing my best to visit some exhibitions for information and inspiration. 283 more words

People Getting Excited About Stuff

Fuck I love nerds. Any kind of nerd. I wish I could get that excited about things. The collectors, the buffs, the anoraks. I love them for their love. 1,530 more words