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Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 25

The more time they spent together, the harder it was to stay away from the temptation of meeting again. The following days turned into a matter of broken calculations and decisions – Robert wanted to give her some space, he wanted her to make a move towards him, but he was not the patient type and he liked getting his prize sooner rather than later; so the days would start with the decision of not calling her and they would generally culminate in some poor excuse to ask her out for coffee or for a drive or for a nice dinner in a restaurant by the sea. 307 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 24

A cup of coffee and chocolate ice cream on a crowded terrace came as a welcomed antidote to the sun filled shard of emotions and past. 192 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 23

The sky was starting to change colour, something seemed to be about to happen while they were sitting down staring at the water and thinking back of other worlds, and it took her a few moments to realise what it was: the sun was sinking towards the horizon, it was getting lower and lower and soon enough they would witness the sunset. 236 more words

Parallel Lifes

I meet, I fall in Love with You
You meet, You convinced Love for Me

Never did our hearts meet
Souls differentiated
Never could be a connectivity… 18 more words


parallel lines // parallel lives

It was around this time last year* I was diagnosed with Leukemia and admitted to hospital for the bulk of the year.   Luckily my treatment and transplant went well and I’m feeling better than ever (probably).  225 more words

Seen And Not Heard

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 22

“Honestly, I didn’t really know what to think. But I did hope you would appreciate this place for what it truly is, I was relying mostly on the fact that you grew up in a place that might have made you partial to such experiences.” 273 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 21

“How about we swap that apple in your hand for a nice cup of coffee, in an air-conditioned restaurant?”

“Do you mind if we wonder about the ruins a little bit longer? 282 more words