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Parallel lives

My maiden sofobomo project;

start date 21st November 2014, end date; 21st december 2014

Parallel lives is inspired by Vishnu Prabhakar’s book in Hindi “Samanantar Rekhayain” (transliterated Parallel lines). 93 more words


One Past Midnight has an intriguing premise that will draw you in

I have a “thing” for the idea of parallel lives, even though most books and movies with the premise are hard to follow. This book is one of the few that is actually really easy to read. 562 more words

Sweet Dreams

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 46

“So… how did you like dinner?”

“Nice place, good food, just the way it was supposed to be.”

Back in the hotel room, without the escape route of random conversation about scenery, restaurants, people in the mountain town and all other miscellaneous things tourists use to keep themselves occupied, the two of them couldn’t avoid the obvious reason for their being there and a bridge needed to be forged between what they had been thus far and what they needed to be that night. 120 more words

Pyrrhus and Cineas

One of my favorite quotes is from Plutararch’s Parallel Lives.  It’s from Pyrrhus’s life, the cousin of Alexander the Great, and the source of the phrase “Pyrrhic victory.”  He spent his life basically winning and losing brief empires, and died trying to conquer Greece.  755 more words


Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 45

She was terribly amused by the new him… or was this actually the old him, the one he was a long time before they ever got the chance to meet? 241 more words

13. "There's another you ... Anastasia!"

“The Leaves of the Tree are for the Healing of the Nations.”

Many years ago, long before the concept of parallel lives was commonly discussed, Phyllis said to me one day “I don’t want to alarm you but God is saying that you have another body upon the Earth – there’s another you!” Of course at the time I visualised it as someone looking like me etc – what was being unravelled about life was getting stranger all the time – so why not this! 599 more words

Parallel Lives - Sample Fragment 44

A very new kind of euphoria took over as a first consequence of pressure disappearing in Robert’s case. He wanted to experience everything with her, he wanted to share the beautiful place, to show her new olfactory, visual and taste stimuli. 207 more words