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Style of Language

Communication teachers, from 1920s-60s, analyzed speeches using Aristotle’s theory of style from Rhetoric (4th cent. B.C.). Aristotle’s four virtues of style are propriety, clarity, purity, and dignity. 207 more words

How to prepare an effective short presentation - quickly ( Pt 1/3)

You may think that preparing a short presentation is easier than preparing a longer one – but it can actually be a lot harder.

Harder to decide from the mass of information you have – what to include and what to cut. 707 more words

Web Design: Repetition as a Visual Strategy

Repetition: Repeat Visual Elements Throughout the Design

The most frequently-used examples of the “Repetition” principle are the use of a company’s graphical logo, its text logo, and its proprietary color or color scheme. 833 more words

Parallelism Workshop

Chances are you might already have seen this poster somewhere on campus. If so, then you’re probably just as excited as we are about next week’s parallelism workshop! 93 more words