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Red Hat at the ISO C++ Standards Meeting (June 2014): Parallelism and Concurrency

Recently Red Hat sent several representatives to the JTC1/SC22/WG21 C++ Standards Committee meetings, which were held in June 2014 at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland. 779 more words

Red Hat Developer Toolset

(Un)Informed Voters

I. My first time voting was during the US presidential election of 2000. I was five.

Mrs. Z had placed the giant easel pad in the front of the room, so we knew some serious learning was about to go down. 506 more words

Past Experience

Thread Bubbling for batch processes in PRPC

Batch job process is a mandatory job in enterprise computing so how it can be achieved in Pega. Parallel or efficient load balanced batch processes would boost the performance drastically that could be designed in Pega with the help of OOTB public API, Agent rules, Batch Requestor type rule, Activity and other rules. 206 more words


Use parallel structure in lists to increase reading efficiency

Those offering advice to professionals who write have long suggested that similar ideas should appear in similar (or parallel) form. In fact, the advice appears in one of the… 619 more words

Professional Writing


Jim loves repairing bikes and is the only repair-man in the town. He goes to a big city every day to get bike supplies- tyres, valve, chain, metal pieces , nuts and bolts. 407 more words

Amdahl's Law

Debts or Trespasses? And Other Riffs on the Lord’s Prayer

Crossposted from Gaudete Theology, as I expect and hope that the commentariat and my cobloggers here may take up rather different points in their responses. 725 more words


Parallel Operations and Services in Oracle RAC

Yesterday, one of the members on Oracle Community forum posted that his query was not executing in parallel.
The query he used:

r.c1 , r.c2
FROM table1 r
… 408 more words