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The Jesus of Suburbia?

The most evident feature in Lynch’s poem, in my opinion, is the continuous aggressive tone.  The speaker demonstrates aggression towards “porcelain and plumbing,” towards the comments of an ex-wife, and towards the materialistic nature of the suburbs.   414 more words

Border Crossings (10/23)

Intelⓡ Threading Building Blocks in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

That the “free lunch is over” may have become something of a cliche in the IT industry, but the fact is that lately, the increase in cycles per second has been mostly realized by adding more processing units rather than by other techniques. 1,238 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

No More Shame.

Frank McCourt continues his expression of his feelings toward his father on page 298 of Angela’s Ashes

McCourt is very righteous toward his father’s actions even though he may not show it as much as he could. 230 more words

Angela's Ashes

Parallelism, n.: You told me I was special, and so did he. I call your girl “soul mate”, just like how I called his girl.

Inspired From "The Lover's Dictionary"

By-Group Aggregation in Parallel

Similar to the row search, by-group aggregation is another perfect use case to demonstrate the power of split-and-conquer with parallelism.

In the example below, it is shown that the homebrew by-group aggregation with foreach pakage, albeit inefficiently coded, is still a lot faster than the summarize() function in Hmisc package. 78 more words


If I die young, bury me in satin; lay me down on a bed of roses

Hilda Doolittle transforms the standard image of a rose – crimped and cut, smelling of perfume, and with consistent crimson depth – into a deeply personal symbol, crafted by time and hardship. 339 more words

The Symbol Of The Rose (10/2)

Benign Data Races

Can a data race not be a bug? In the strictest sense I would say it’s always a bug. A correct program written in a high-level language should run the same way on every processor present, past, and future. 1,082 more words