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Watch "My ALS ice bucket challenge" on YouTube

My younger brother nominated me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. I think its vital that those of us with debilitating disorders do our part to raise awareness about these diseases. 88 more words


Good Stuff: Success-Paralysis - You Can Let Go Now

Are you feeling gripped by the question: Can I be different and better?

Will I fall pray to the self-fulfilling prophecy of my own doubt? 196 more words

Success Is A Choice

324 Paralyzed?

Do you realize that sin can paralyze you spiritually?

Such a paralysis means you are disabled and cannot serve the apostolate for which you were called. 47 more words


Our Recent Trip to China!

Kunming China July 2014

Darren & I spent 5 days recently at the Kunming Tongren Hospital in Kunming, China to check out their “Walking Program.” The idea was to see what the program is all about, and meet the Doctors and other people participating in the program. 694 more words

Push To Walk

The Dreamscape

I adore the movie Inception with a burning passion, but that’s not what I am here to talk about. Sorry guys. What I am here to talk about is the nature of my dreams, they’ve been particularly interesting these past few weeks and it’s got me thinking… 826 more words


Why is it that the seemingly smallest, most insignificant things can paralyse you with fear? Fear of being hurt, both physically and emotionally. Fear of what others will think or say about you. 417 more words

Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Helping?

Let’s start by getting one thing straight . All the ice bucket challenge videos on Facebook are getting annoying for those people who find the challenge stupid and pointless. 879 more words