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Do something NOW!

The best mentor I’ve ever had recently shared some basic truth. “Knowledge without Action = Nothing”. That about says it all in terms of personal and spiritual growth. 621 more words

Advances regarding paralysis

Amputation is one of the most feared outcomes there is (obviously besides death) when it comes to a serious condition or accident. The second one after that is probably paralysis . 184 more words

Breakthrough study gives paralyzed patients ability to move again

A revolutionary finding has given four paralyzed men with chronic, motor complete spinal cord injuries the ability to voluntarily raise their legs and have movement in their hips and toes. 752 more words

Blog Posts

Stimulation Restores Some Function For 4 Paralyzed Men

Four men who were told they could never move their legs again, now can.

The impressive work of a team of researchers at University of Louisville and UCLA has the potential to transform the lives of all people living with paralysis. 235 more words


Sleep Paralysis

have you ever woken up from a deep sleep and can’t feel/move your legs or arms? I have. Plenty of times… and for some reason I felt like blogging about it to tell you about it. 394 more words


The gift of unemployment... I hate it..I see it..and I allow for it! I can move pass it.

What are the gifts of unemployment? The opportunity to experience paralysis and frustration in its depth and the opportunity to clear it out – again and again. 762 more words

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