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Parametric Web Coasters

Designed using an algorithm produced on Grasshopper. Cut using a laser cutter.



Paper Lantern

The aim was to create a paper lantern which reflected the turbulence of ink when it hits water. The result is an organic, twisted form, triangulated with a gradient of openings and fins to filter and direct light. 9 more words


Ex: Find Parametric Equations of a Line in Space Parallel to a Vector Containing a Given Point

This video explains how to determine parametric equations of a line in space containing a given point and parallel to a given vector.

VI. Calculus Videos

Roulettes and Art - 2

Continuing with our discussion of ways to produce interesting designs with the Roulette Generator (RG) for Winplot, Here are some hints on making more detailed designs using more than one function. 460 more words


Roulettes and Art - 1

For the last few post we have been exploring roulettes using the roulette generator (RG) for either Winplot or Geometer’s Sketchpad. These files use the equations… 652 more words

Before Calculus


This project was done during studies in the MAS CAAD program at the ETH Zürich. Starting from a city map of Amsterdam code was developed in the… 23 more words