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A History of Militarized U.S. Policing: Ferguson and Beyond

A History of Militarized U.S. Policing

American policing was shaped by colonial contact with the British. Without evidence of criminal activity, British soldiers in New England searched through homes under a general warrant known as a “writ of assistance.” And under the Quartering Act of 1765 and 1774, colonists were required to house and feed British soldiers. 2,717 more words


EXCL: HM Rajnath to revamp world's largest paramilitary, CRPF; Opposition emerges from within, from the top office. My report.

A top-down effort at re-booting 3,35,000 strong Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) –  country’s internal security provider seems to have turned into a turf war. 656 more words

Team America: ISIS is ‘McCain’s Army’

Source: 21st Century Wire, November 21, 2014

When 21WIRE first put forward the idea that Syrian terrorists (now ISIS/ISIL) form a proxy paramilitary force… 625 more words

War On Terror

Northern Ireland: Can Peace Hold?

A tall task faces US negotiator Gary Hart in his efforts to maintain relative tranquility in Northern Ireland.  Buffeted by myriad forms of conflict in the past eighteen months, the region’s peace has remained in place, if not securely so.   567 more words


The following is an account derived from field notes taken in August 2012 in the Department of Bolivar, Colombia 

It was a hot, humid Sunday evening when the residents of a small remote village in the heart of the Magdalena Medio were gathering on the main village square. 1,020 more words


Chiapas: New threats against members of the Believing People in Simojovel after their fifth pilgrimage demanding security and peace

Pilgrimage in Simojovel, October 2014 (@Koman Ilel)

In a communique published on 29 October, members of the Believing People from the parish of San Antonio de Padua in Simojovel denounced that after the pilgrimage they held on 18 October to demand greater security in the region, they repeatedly warned with death-threats and threats of kidnapping on the part of the authorities and arms- and drug-traffickers who operate in the city.  242 more words

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