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Chiapas: Those displaced from Banavil continue demanding justice

On 4 September, Zapatista supporters from the Banavil region, Tenejapa municipality, newly denounced “the acts of 4 December 2011 when we were attacked with firearms and 13 of us displaced, being EZLN sympathizers, by PRI militants from the Banavil region, Tenejapa municipality.   250 more words

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September 14: Unpopularity Contest

The latest public opinion poll conducted by Datanalisis and Hinterlaces, conducted during the month of August, shows that 83.1% of respondents have a negative opinion of the country’s current situation… 428 more words

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Chiapas: beginning of first meeting of Indigenous Peoples of Mexico with Zapatista Peoples


The “First Meeting of the Zapatista Peoples with the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico” (EZLN)

In a 3 August communique, Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, spokesperson for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), reported that between 2 and 3 August, 312 members of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) arrived at La Realidad, representing the Nahua, Purépecha, Peninsula Maya, Mazahua, Zoque, Wixarika, migrant, Tepehuan, Coca, Hñahñu, Pame, Triqui, Mixtec, Binni zaa, Chinanteco, Ikoot, Afro-Mexican, Popoluca, Tsotsil, Ch’ol, Tojolabal, Tseltal, Totonaco, Kumiai, Amuzgo, mestizo, Huarijío, Mixe, Ñhato, and Chontal peoples. 375 more words

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A letter from Ferguson

Dear David,

So glad you’re back! It’s been too long since I’ve seen you. I know you’ve been back a while but my only free time has been recently. 278 more words

What's Really Going On In Ferguson?


What’s really going on in Ferguson, Missouri? Is it a taste of what’s coming to every city, large and small, across America? 153 more words