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#WeekendRewind: Bikini Contests, Meninism & Phones Against Disease

The world is awash in information, and sifting through it can be a pain! That’s why I gather up the top five headlines you may have missed every Saturday in the Weekend Rewind. 630 more words


Shit that Pissed me off - 12/19

Sony Pulls The Interview Then Paramount Pulls Team America

I’m one of a comparatively small number of people who has actually seen The Interview and I’m frustrated because the movie is funny and now it is up in the air if anyone else will… 1,284 more words


Dec. 19th in Gennett History, 1929: Blind Lemon Jefferson Passed Away

Dec. 19th in Gennett History, 1929: Blind Lemon Jefferson passed away. He recorded “Bed Springs Blues” in Richmond on 9/24/1929. It appeared on Paramount 12872. 8 more words



Apparently, we have decided to double down on cowardice. Somehow, I am not even surprised anymore.

Team America Screenings Cancelled

Following the fiasco with The Interview, Paramount has decided to cancel screenings of Team America reports The Verge. The Alamo Draft House and the Cleveland Cinemas had Team America: World Police to fill in for The Interview. 43 more words


Hollywood's Cowardice and Sir Winston Churchill

Saying that someone must take some action “or the terrorists win” has become a near-cliche in America. It’s used in comedies and as part of political attacks and depending on how fanatical the participants are, in some sports. 560 more words