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Day #163: Ghostwatch (1992)

Ghostwatch (1992)


Ghostwatch is a mockumentary that purports to conduct a live investigation of a haunted house.

My take:

What intrigued me about this TV movie is the following piece of information, from the… 156 more words


Austin's Paranormal Investigators

Everything within me wants to start this post with a Ghostbusters reference, but I’ll refrain.

The other night I followed around a team of paranormal investigators as they crept around a¬†downtown nightclub that the owner suspects is “haunted.” 54 more words


Ghostbusters - New York City, NY

Ghostbusters are a group of paranormal investigators for hire featured in the films “Ghostbusters” (1984) and the sequel “Ghostbusters II” (1989).

Members of this pseudo-scientific group include Dr. 198 more words


Ghost Chasers - Paranormal Investigators

Ghost Chasers are a team of ghost chasing journalist from Ghost Chasers magazine featured on the ABC fantasy Hanna-Barbera cartoon series GOOBER AND THE GHOST CHASERS (1973-75). 145 more words


The Funky Phantom - Paranormal Investigators

The Funky Phantom is a cowardly ghost from the Revolutionary War (1776) who befriended a group of teenagers and their dog on the ABC Hanna-Barbera cartoon series THE FUNKY PHANTOM (1971-72). 307 more words


Danny Phantom - Amity Park, USA

Danny Phantom is the pseudonym for Danny Fenton, a 14 year-old boy who was transformed into a ghostly being on the Nickelodeon Channel fantasy cartoon DANNY PHANTOM (2004-2007). 722 more words