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Pedro Mountain Mummy


The Pedro Mountain Mummy was discovered in June 1934 by two gold prospectors in the Pedro Mountains approximately 60 miles southwest of Casper, Wyo. Contrary to the mythology of the nearly eight decades that have passed since its discovery, the mummy was almost certainly a human baby, not a tiny adult from the Pliocene Epoch or from the race of Little People of American Indian lore. 1,240 more words


'Under a Blood Moon' by Carrigan Richards

This tour is organised by Electively Paige and features the ‘Elemental Enchanters’ series by author Carrigan Richards.

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Nanowrimo FB Prompt - Opening Line

And from this past Friday:

It’s Friday writing prompt day! Give us an opening line to a book you’ve always wanted to read… then go and find another person’s opening line in the comments and write ~100 words of what happens next! 219 more words



Madeline Leftwich sat at the train station every day at exactly thirteen minutes past midnight. The faded brown bench on which she sat did not often have consistent occupants as transients and hobos were sparse this far north. 805 more words

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Witchery: Azrael Thinks He is Funny

You know how losing a loved one is a tragic affair and you miss them constantly? You cannot speak to them anymore, you cannot ask their input in decisions and talk about concerns you have? 655 more words


Witchery: Azrael Soothes Our Feelings of Loss

The first night was hard. I sat on the couch numb, with tears pouring down my face, after the one they assigned to be on suicide watch left. 1,043 more words


Witchery: Witches and the Paranormal

Why is the paranormal so much easier to comprehend for witches and pagans than for others? I find it interesting that of all the people I have spoken to in the past, many, both witches, and non-magickal people, reported having experiences in their life that stood out as something considered beyond “normal” by most people. 1,046 more words