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Devi Upasana Authoritative Texts To Follow

The highest Mantra of Hinduism speaks of Devi as Gayatri.

The fact that The Devi worship was given importance may be known by  the highest place offered to the Devi in the form of the Gayatri Mantra. 574 more words


Where Parasuram's Axe Fell Parasuram Kund Arunachal

Parasurama was an Avatar of Lord Visnhu.

It is one of the rare occasions The Lord Vishu took the Avatar as a Brahmin, the other being Vamana among the Twelve Avatars. 648 more words


Half Goddess Ekaveera Devi Right Hand Of Adishakti

The temple of Ekaveera Devi at Mahur ,Maharashtra is the plae where the Devi’s Navel fell and the Goddess Ekaveera Devi’s Temple is one of the Four Half Goddess’s among the four, the others being Kolahpur, … 327 more words