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Dog-Cat Tick ID: Which species of tick and what disease does it carry?

We all despise these nasty little blood suckers, that latch on to our unsuspecting dogs and cats, passing their diseases on to their host. There are 6 types of ticks found in the US, but only 4 commonly found in Kentucky.  148 more words


Shadow Never Gone

Answers, solutions, I saw them all. There was no giving up on anything I care so damn much about. When caring was whittled down to nubs I still believed I could glue the twigs back together, strong enough to bear the weight of me. 345 more words

Watch out for kissing bugs!

Texas A&M University is tracking the movement of “kissing bugs” into the southern United States. These bugs carry a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi… 180 more words


Chapter Three: Forbidden

For those of you who still need to catch up…

Chapter 1

Chapter 2



We had been walking in silence for hours now, and I was just starting to realize that maybe I was a bit too hard on Opal. 679 more words


How a Cat Poop Parasite Could Help Scientists Beat Cancer

“A single-celled parasite usually found in cats’ intestines—and later in their poop—shows unique promise as a cancer treatment.” More

Chapter Two: Forbidden

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Chapter One



He didn’t know what was happening. 520 more words


On Mira Grant's "Parasite" (Parasitology #1)

On my list of Most Terrifying Things are such horrors as abused apostrophes and Rush Limbaugh’s hypnotic, bigoted radio voice, but right up there near the top are also zombies and parasites. 982 more words

Book Review