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The Parasite Economy And People Who Like To Work

Recently, I was talking to a group of people about my lifestyle, and one of them commented on how “parasitic” it is. To explain – I try to do as little work as possible, leeching off both public and private services as much as I can, living an extremely minimalist lifestyle. 958 more words


Currently Reading

My monthly reading challenge requires that I read a book from my childhood, a book of poems, and one specific book that I won’t even touch with a ten-foot pole. 501 more words


I know, I know. Misandry. (and lots of swearing)

Men are a plague. They are biologically mutated females which have infiltrated every facet of life on the planet and infected it with a dis-ease. … 2,141 more words

Radical Feminism

Earnest call of a mouse-tick

Everyone, I’ve an announcement to make
I’m afraid it’s time to evacuate
The mouse is dead, it’s time to go
And find a new host before it’s too late. 69 more words

I fell off the candida diet wagon...

…and I’ve been paying for it this last week…oops!

I decided that after 11 weeks of candida diet hell I’d add apples and bananas back into my diet as an experiment. 56 more words

How Facebook Protects Us From the Common Cold

This is how my mind works. I see a bit of science and then my brain starts making connections, not all of them logical, mind you. 618 more words


'Die Uitvreter'

‘Uitvreter’ is the Afrikaans for somebody who parasites on others. In this case a parasite plant that grows in trees.