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Parasyte - The Maxim - Episode Two Review


Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu

After a good start with the first episode, I wanted to know if they could keep it up with the following episode. 1,064 more words



Looking down the platform, red ticket in hand,

Gusts of wind move debris as intermittent trains pass by.

On closer inspection, there is only one train, 189 more words

A Parasite

You’re like a parasite
You feed off me
For sustenance
But I don’t get anything
In return

You sucked the life out of me
Not knowing… 43 more words



Like a house on fire…
Burning all walls
Which stand between you.
Frying one agonised participant while the other benefits.
Triumphant as a parasite is. 101 more words


Parasyte -The Maxim- Episode One Review


Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu

So I decided to start watching some of the new anime for the fall 2014 season. The one that grabbed my attention first was Parasyte. 668 more words


50 Shades of Symbionts

When we “sell” our science to journals and policy makers and even the general public, we often pitch our work in broad, abstract strokes (“trait-mediated indirect effects of…”) and/or in a highly applied context (“acid runoff tolerance of two functionally important species”).  539 more words

Cool Literature


The contrast between your heart, your breath, and the cold air is present in the fog that surrounds you like an aura.
Your feet are heavily planted in the ground like roots steady in the soil sucking energy out of the people who surround you. 140 more words