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Why the change train is better then the golden castle

Simplify your life and thrive. Building up your pension plans into infinity is often times counterproductive in terms of personal and spiritual development. The change train has its ups and downs. 170 more words

Personal Evolution

My 5 Steps to Healing Anxiety

If you read my previous post (read it here) you will know that one day, in the midst of an ordinary work day, I suffered my first panic attack. 751 more words


Interweaving Motherhood and Science: The Beginning

In all honesty (and it’s ok, my husband knows this!) I never thought I was going to get married, and especially have kids!  I know some girls from a young age dream of becoming a mother and having a family, cuddling away at dolls, wanting to hold or play with every new baby that came around.   746 more words

Real Life Nightmares: Naegleria fowleri

When I was in University and I was beginning my microbiology class and lab, I thought that I would become some form of a germophobe. But I didn’t. 671 more words


she was her own death

It’s sad when you make a wrong choice thinking it was the best thing that could happen. It’s stupid when you make a wrong choice not even knowing pros and cons but worst thing is to make the wrong choice knowing it is wrong and hoping it won’t be. 255 more words

Man suffers from headaches for years, doctors find tapeworm in brain

Once you consume them, they can move throughout your body — your eyes, your tissues and most commonly your brain. They leave doctors puzzled in their wake as they migrate and settle to feed on the body they’re invading; a classic parasite, but this one can get into your head. 973 more words


Project Guinea Worm Disease: Total Annihilation

Not to start things completely off topic but the title of this post I feel is pretty Hollwood epic. I’m imagining an action movie starring Arnold Schwartzenegger (or whoever else can benchpress the weight of a schoolbus) just completely eradicating parasites with a machine gun. 215 more words