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Amakusaplana Acroporae: This Coral-Eating Worm May Mean Big Trouble For Reefs

It is barely possible to see the parasitic worm Amakusaplana acroporae when it sits on its favorite hosts, the staghorn coral Acropora, thanks to its excellent camouflage. 497 more words


Exposure to worm infection in the womb may protect against eczema, study suggests

Public release date: 28-Jan-2011

Exposure to worm infections in the womb may protect a newborn infant from developing eczema, a study funded by the Wellcome Trust suggests. 596 more words

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Researchers discover how worms promote healing

Public release date: 1-Dec-2010

Findings identify potential strategies for treating inflammatory bowel diseases

New York (Dec. 1, 2010) – A new study involving a man who swallowed worm eggs to relieve symptoms of ulcerative colitis sheds light on how worms promote healing in the intestine. 546 more words

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