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Grief and Miscarriage

Grief and Miscarriage.

via Grief and Miscarriage.

Very beautiful blog, written with sensitivity and respect.  Felt I had to share on our blog and pass it along to you all.

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Ducks and Dinosaurs

I’m not the kind who takes myself seriously. I am by nature a very mellow, laid-back person. Becoming a parent has meant I’ve had to tone and tweak my personality, and also question my natural reactions as I’ve learnt all about the joys of discipline. 367 more words

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Monday Morning Quarterback

It’s Monday and the kids broke 3 things today…a sliding glass door screen, a kitchen cabinet door,  and a shower head.  They are winning 3-0. 1,189 more words

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Slowing Down on Sunday

Soothing, relaxing, calming Sunday is so good and so welcomed. If yoga recharges the soul, then Sunday recharges my week-when I take the time to let it. 2,076 more words

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Sliding Into Saturday

Today was errand day so I took the twins along for company. My 15 year old daughter is still struggling through pain from her wisdom teeth but had to get out of the house so she went with us. 663 more words

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I call my husband "the boyfriend" and our kids, well, "our kids."

Yes, he is working in 6 countries in Europe while I am home with 5 kids ranging in age from 11-17. This is nothing new. It happens frequently. 648 more words

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Is it Safe to Text and Parent?

In Ontario there is a fine of $280 if a driver is caught texting while driving. The rationale is that texting while driving is a distraction and that it increases the risk of accidents. 278 more words