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Diving for Dollars

Everybody has a favorite uncle. Mine was Uncle Harry. He and Aunt Elsie couldn’t have children of their own, so he showered his nieces and nephews with extra attention. 328 more words

I'm the Expert!

We’ve been in California a little over a month.  Hurrah!  In another post, I will update you on life in general, but this particular post needed to put out there now.   739 more words

Moving Is Fun

A sickie, a crazy toddler, a bottomless pit and parent/teacher conferences


For anyone that doesn’t know, Oldest Boy goes to a year round school; so he’s in school for 9 wks and off for 3 wks (sometimes a little longer) all year.   340 more words


Parent Teacher Conferences

So, what is the point of parent teacher conferences? According to our teachers it is for the teachers to connect with the parents and discuss the child. 446 more words

Weeks 5 & 6: Running on Empty

Sorry for the mashup. A sneak attack stomach bug held last weekend hostage from me. If you ever need a semi-guilt-free reason to sleep 30 hours over the course of two days, I highly recommend contracting a gastrointestinal virus. 619 more words

Parent Teacher conferences

So we had my son’s P/T conference last night and between that, the Leader in Me training I attended over the summer, and reading Repair Kit for Grading I began to think about all the P/T conferences I’ve led through the years and the different styles. 1,292 more words


Meet the Parents

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Before this past week, I had actually met all of my students’ parents. I was convinced there was one dad I had not met, but I was wrong. 772 more words