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Weekly Recipe: Dad's Sloppy Joes

I have never been a big fan of sloppy joes because it was a weekly meal in my elementary school cafeteria. That was until I came across this recipe which has a great taste and has been requested multiple times by the group of volunteers that I am working with. 157 more words

Hire Me

Parenting isn't easy

For anyone who is thinking about becoming a parent or is a new parent I am here to tell you it is tough. You don’t feel that way at first because everything is just about feeding, changing, and getting up in the middle of the night with the baby. 715 more words


Before You Leave.

Before your next vacation, road trip or long drive try stretching for 30 minutes or getting a full body massage. You will arrive at your destination much more relaxed and comfortable. 7 more words



Last time I saw you
You were so happy
I was happy
The world was a wonderful place

You didn’t notice me that day though… 172 more words


Facebook- creating competitive parents since 2004

I have noticed a craze in the mad world that is social media. I like to call this craze “Facebook Parenting”, bare with me and I will explain what I mean… 460 more words


No job? No internship? No problem?

As the end of the school year approaches students (and parents of the students) who have not yet secured a summer opportunity or full-time job may be starting to panic, but it is not too late! 523 more words



My strength is and will always be me. Everything I do is for my daughter of course, but how can you take care of someone else without taking care of you first.