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On this day in 1954

On this day in 1954, my parents got married. Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

My mom recently suggested that my blogging so frequently about how stressful my life is, might be adding to the stress in my life. 69 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

I am posting this a bit early because I imagine that on Thanksgiving I will most likely be busy giving thanks.

Cheryl and I have so many things to give thanks for.  407 more words


Parent - Teacher Relationships

Ah yes. The often uncomfortable, stress-inducing, although sometimes pleasant, parent – teacher relationship.

See that sentence right there? That alone should indicate the need for change and the options and availability of tools for teachers to have in mind when forming a bond with their students’ parents. 335 more words


A Parental Point Of View - Autopsy & Testimony Info Inside - Video Of The Mother Of Mike Brown During The Announcement

As a parent, my heart really goes out to the family of Michael Brown. I saw a video of Michael Brown’s mother Leslie as she stood outside the Ferguson Police Department awaiting the prosecutor’s announcement. 1,058 more words


So Many Clubs, So Little Time

My children only go to two after-school clubs – swimming and piano lessons. They used to go to an art club but we don’t have limitless resources eh! 139 more words


Boomerang Lunches Are Back!

By Sienna A. 42, Charlotte A.42 and Amelia A. 36

~ Earth Buddies Club

Hey Howard Parents!

Boomerang Lunches Are Back!

How Does It Work? 124 more words


Taking One for the Team

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

We all have boundaries. Even if we’re not currently aware of what they are we know them when we see them.

774 more words