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The hidden epidemic of domestic abuse....

It’s amazing (that is probably the wrong word, because there is nothing about this that is amazing) how often I listen or read of someone else’s life story living with a mental illness or living with domestic abuse and I think god that is exactly what I went through, that was what I was feeling and doing.  1,250 more words


Parental Abuse

Children’s violence towards parents is not perceived as sufficiently dangerous to merit as great a focus as domestic violence and indeed it may not be.  However, the incidence of parental abuse is definitely on the increase. 629 more words

Reflective Work Journal

Words only hurt you if you let them

I was pitching a story to a magazine about issues of when a dog attacks you, the current law, and what happened when I was attacked by a pit bull.   265 more words

How Keeping a Mood Chart Saved My Life

When I started seeing my Psychopharmacologist almost 16 years ago he intimidated me. He’s not a chipper guy and it took years to see through his shell. 485 more words


Understanding Forgiveness...

People I have spoken to in the past and in the present find it very hard to understand that I have forgiven my rapist but not my abuser. 754 more words

Children Restrained or Secluded 267,000 Times School Year*Most Have Disabilities or Mental Illness*

My Two Cents

This a brief update from NAMI, National Alliance Mental Illness. I can’t wrap my head around 267,000 students restrained or secluded, the majority with Disabilities or Mental Illness. 334 more words

Mental Illness

Mother Leaves 8 yr Old At County Hospital

It’s interesting the events our mind suppresses or forgets. I have no problem or emotion talking about the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother and step father. 822 more words