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Characteristic Narcissism: She's envious

“Any time you get something nice she’s angry and envious and her envy will be apparent when she admires whatever it is. She’ll try to get it from you, spoil it for you, or get the same or better for herself. 363 more words

Emotional Abuse

Characterisit Narcissism: SHE MAKES YOU LOOK CRAZY.

**Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers**


” If you try to confront her about something she’s done, she’ll tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about, or that she has no idea what you’re talking about. 502 more words

Emotional Abuse

Characteristic Narcissism: FAVOURITISM AND UNDERMINES

*** Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers.***


The title is pretty self explanatory.

In this case, I will leave it pretty short. Who ever agreed with my mother would be the flavour of the month. 340 more words

Emotional Abuse

Characteristic Narcissism: Violates Your Boundaries.


(You feel like an extension of her. Your time is committed without consulting you, and opinions purported to be yours are expressed for you. 367 more words

Emotional Abuse

Characteristic Narcissism: Everything is Deniable


(Her abusiveness is part of a lifelong campaign of control and because she is careful to rationalize her abuse, it is extremely difficult to explain to other people what is so bad about her. 364 more words

Emotional Abuse

From 0 - Zero part 1.

Resentment began at birth. The first grand child. The first child, and she didn’t know what to do with me. Growing from a hard past of her own my mother found herself with a husband at 18 and a child at 19. 334 more words

Emotional Abuse

And so it begins.....Survival in Progress.

A feeling of emptiness, without reason. I spent a large chunk of my life unmotivated, no plan, no cause, no routine. Living to work, working to drink…..and that’s where the realisation kicked in. 379 more words

Emotional Abuse