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Mom calls gay son "you little piece of sh**." (4:10)

You might have seen this circulating around the internet. I watched it a few times, and it was a very real picture of what many gay kids face today. 325 more words


Don't Sleep, Baby

I have met a girl of my age. She is the same height as me, and we both have green eyes and light, brown hair. We share the constellation of the Little Dipper that is mapped from freckles on our backs, from kisses our mother forgot to give us. 248 more words


Memories of Childhood Abuse Flood To The Surface Discussing Domestic Violence

Two of my CTC Sister’s are going through a very rough time with their ex’s. Memories flood in of my childhood as a pawn for my mother. 1,022 more words


The hidden epidemic of domestic abuse....

It’s amazing (that is probably the wrong word, because there is nothing about this that is amazing) how often I listen or read of someone else’s life story living with a mental illness or living with domestic abuse and I think god that is exactly what I went through, that was what I was feeling and doing.  1,250 more words