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Children; witches??? How inhumane!!!

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In the town of Esit Eket, on the southern edge of West Africa, in Nigeria, hundreds of children are abused, poisoned and chained to trees, or simple beaten or chased into the bush by their own parents. 691 more words

Child Right

Wading in the Water, Drowning in my Memories.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking of horrible memories and kept waking up from nightmares. It’s amazing to see how much it affects me to wade in this dirty water. 1,296 more words

Dear Carol, ...

I wanted to start writing about my step-mom, but wasn’t really sure where to dive in. Do I go straight for the nasty? How do I organize my thoughts and my memories?  1,374 more words

Transparency? More like a two-way mirror...

I’ve been a fool.

I have misguidedly opened my life up to “professionals” (and I use the term loosely), believing that to do so will assist in finding the best solution for Boo. 846 more words

Conduct Disorder


Well, not unexpectedly, I didn’t receive a response to the comment I left yesterday on that woman’s blog. Although I gather that her blog site is currently out of action because she is changing the format. 1,395 more words

Conduct Disorder

Only in the eyes of the media ...


Shows like “Supernanny” and “The House of Tiny Tearaways” thrive on screaming toddlers, the louder the better, and preferably involving kicking, swearing, throwing hard objects, and smashing the family china. 839 more words

Conduct Disorder

Scary things

Today I’m going to write scary things.

Things that might make you think “I think I’ll delete this bitch”.

Things that I have thought or done or whatever in the past. 1,027 more words

Random Robbles