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Top 5 Parental control tools

The scope of internet is growing more each and every day. It is thought to have made our lives easier and efficient at the same time. 545 more words

Parental Control

The Times They Are A Changing

I began seeing working girls in 1995. I have, since then seen working women, off and on ever since. Looking back at my experiences of the world’s oldest profession I fell to thinking about the changes I have seen over the years. 808 more words

Understanding Spy Cellphone App To Monitor The Children

With the passage of time your kids develop and they begin to produce their very own planet willfully preventing your interference like a guardian. However you can’t evade out of your responsibility in the matters in their protection, stability and wellness. 311 more words

Mobile Monitoring

Parent vs Kids - Round 1 to the Parent


I am sure all parents face some battle of wits with their kids. For me it was computer time. I have told my children that they can only have one hour per day on the computer but many days because my brain is a bit fuzzled they would go over their allocated one hour and I would end up arguing with them. 210 more words

The Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is a great tablet. I really wanted one of these tablets so of course I had to research it. The lightweight design makes it easy transport which is important for someone like me always on the go. 122 more words