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Let's Talk About... Parental Rights

By Joseph DiPiazza, Esq.

On January 28, 2014, the United States District Court in South Dakota issued a ruling that a lawsuit charging state and local officials with violating the rights of Indian parents and tribes in state child custody proceedings can go to trial.  514 more words


  1. Do not allow your attorney or opposing attorney to strong-arm, influence, or rush you into accepting an appointment of a guardian ad litem OR psychologist OR ANY OTHER COURT APPOINTED PROFESSIONAL (cap) under ANY circumstances WITHOUT running your own background check, gathering referrals, credentials, even checking into OTHER cases of said guardian ad litem, and/or psychologist … take the list of the names they offer you (it WILL BE A SHORT LIST!), and look into who they are offering – your life depends on this.  
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Child Abuse

PAS - "Herd Mentality" - Writing For My Life

From Writing For My Life:  (051912):

There is a new epidemic that has infested our nation. The shocking dreadful details of it, the misinformation associated with it and how it is consuming lives, not just of those we used to deem deserving of it but of those most innocent and undeserving of its punishing effects … our children. 516 more words

Termination of Parental Rights Vacated in Knoxville Adoption: In re Karma S.C.

Facts: Mother and Father lost custody of Child, who eventually ended up in the custody of an unrelated couple who wished to adopt Child (“Adoptive Parents”). 602 more words

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Watch "Support the Parental Rights Amendment: Self-Evide…" on YouTube

If you are in favor of having our Government raise your children,

and having the right to overide your choices in parenting, then don’t watch this. 70 more words

Parental Rights

Where's this Money? ... ""Funding for Legal representation provided for Rankin, Adams, Harrison, Forrest Counties"....

“Mississippi is one of only two states that do not provide free representation to …. ???  {article & url below}.  I personally would like to know where all this “funding” went, or is going?!, ie.

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