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catching mice

There has been a mouse haunting our residence. We have tried many times, to no avail, to capture him. He has an addiction to Werther’s butterscotch candies. 626 more words


Germany: Federal Minister makes a proposal how to give families with children a voice in politics

One would not have expected such a reasonable proposal to come from this side. But we should give praise where it is due. Manuela Schwesig, a social-democrat politician currently serving as Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the German Federal Government may usually be more concerned with promoting the idea of gender quotas on company boards, same-sex “marriage”, or homosexual adoptions, thus giving raise to serious doubts regarding her aptness for the job she is occupying. 386 more words



In Eldredge, the OK Supreme Court held that a parent of children created and reared by a same-sex couple had standing to seek a judicial order concerning visitation and establishment of parental rights to the children; and that a contractual co-parenting agreement expressing the parties’ intent to create parental rights in the non-biological parent was not void as contrary to the state’s public policy against same-sex marriage. 306 more words

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Family says 'stress' of court case over chemo for aboriginal girl 'uncalled for'

The family of an aboriginal girl who was at the centre of a court case about whether she should be removed from her family and given chemotherapy says the stress of the case was “uncalled for” and that they would never compromise the child’s well-being. 1,076 more words

Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose

Following is an excerpt from a keynote presentation given by Barbara Loe Fisher at the 2014 US Health Freedom Congress in Minneapolis, Minnesota. View the video of her full 75 minute presentation here or on NVIC.org.  1,859 more words


Who's Your Daddy?

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading about Jason Patric‘s sperm. Or, more accurately, the results of his sperm. I promise this is much less weird than it sounds. 483 more words

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