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Micro-Managing or Lessons in Life?

For those who have followed Cheeky Kids for a while now will recall that, at times, I share my own parenting experiences as I journey through parenthood, minus a manual, script or even direction signage. 1,070 more words



Maybe it’s the prospect of being just a few years away from the big 40, or maybe it’s just the general speed of life, but I have been increasingly looking back over the past 15 years and wondering “how did I end up here?” 876 more words


April 19, 2014

Fleurish Full-Zip Hoodie
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Adidas Sneakers


My First Post

Wow, starting my first blog… the pressure!

Recently, I became inspired to start a blog – not because I desperately want people to read it but because of my love for writing and expression. 124 more words


The Best Things I Saw All Week

And finally, The Very Best Thing I Saw All Week:

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” 
― Steven Wright

Happy Weekend! 



I never thought it would happen this early when Joaqui would repeatedly say ‘daddy’ as if asking for his non-existent father.
Yesterday, he just kept saying the word over and over and I was unable to react right away. 284 more words

Ponder This.

Dear Abby {Two Weeks Old}

Dear Abby,

You sleep, blissfully unaware that your mama is already grieving the passage of time. How is it that you are already two weeks old? 690 more words