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Colorful Surprise

There are two times of year that are unavoidably busy for parents: Fall and Spring. It doesn't start off that way, necessarily, unless either one or both parents have a job that has increased demands during those times. 397 more words

Empty Nest

Happy talk : skill - readiness for speech

It will be quite a while before she says her first word, but that doesn’t mean your baby isn’t starting to get the hang of language. 192 more words


Case of the Sticky Ickies

I’m about to never shower again! Her sticky little hands on my legs and arms. Even my hair. I’ll have cleaned her hands, mins later she is stickified! 114 more words

Should the AAP Sleep Alone?

Should the AAP Sleep Alone?

Some public health messages everyone can agree with: Never drink and drive. Always put your infant in a car seat. Other public health messages seem to ask us to do the impossible: Teenagers must never have sex. 107 more words


It's starting (parenthood)

The Show.
13/02/14. 02:00ish.

The baby’s due in two days but we’re on high alert. Last night, Siobhan started having what she thought were contractions, but actually turned out to be ‘braxton hicks’ – which are like contractions, but not nearly as intense. 1,367 more words


Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker trying for baby

She’s likely still finishing off her wedding cake, but that’s not stopping Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker from looking toward the future and increasing the number of members in their blended family. 183 more words


Pay Attention, Dear, He Said

I came down the steps with a vacuum in one hand and my laptop in the other. These two objects could summarize my plans for the day. 624 more words