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Life is Short

Hearing this cliche doesn’t hit you as hard as hearing that a loved one has passed away.  THEN it REALLY hits you and you start to wish you had said this and done that while your loved one was still around, but were too busy.   428 more words

Family Blog

Helping Mom With the Laundry

Our son helping his mom with the dirty clothes. Autism is a perplexing disorder. A child see’s a task done and feels the need to help out. 60 more words


What I want to tell my daughter on her first day of school


You have no idea what’s about to happen. Well, maybe you do. People have been grilling you about your level of enthusiasm over this transition for months, asking you at every opportunity, “Are you going to Kindergarten? 749 more words

Lessons Learned

Two years as 'mommy'

Our Guest Blogger & fellow working mommy, Mansi Taneja recently completed two WHOLE years as a Mommy

*Big Congrats, Mommy*

Mansi, I know this “mommy guilt.” After my maiden journey away from my son, I realised that my toddler didn’t exactly notice my absence, which was both comforting and a little sad. 449 more words


Over the Rainbow

I’ve had 3 kids since Saturday. Mine, my youngest nephew, and my niece.
We had fun.

We baked cookies

I wiped baby tears when they left her to go to school… 126 more words

The Countdown To Bedtime & Wakeup Time

Today was one of those days when you start doing the countdown to bedtime as soon as your children wake up in the morning. I felt exhausted by 9:00 AM and I had only been awake for an hour with the kids. 164 more words


It's Official

I’ve got twins!

This morning at I was granted guardianship of two of the worlds most amazing 14 year olds. They were so happy- not sure if this is because of the final out come or that they got to miss school but they were happy… WINNING. 229 more words