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CEO Fathers and Work/Life Balance


Does work/life balance really exist??  I hear over and over a mothers job is never done….so what about for a father?


Being a mummy is ........ sometimes far from glamorous!!!

(Disclaimer: Not to be read by the faint hearted or easily offended)
That is of course unless you’re rich and famous or of royal or noble blood perhaps, and can easily afford the luxury of round the clock childcare, whilst you’re pampered and preened to perfection and to within an inch of your life. 1,946 more words

And then there were four

“A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.” – David Brault

Things have been pretty exciting around here lately, and I’m finally finding a couple of minutes to write about it. 2,178 more words

A Day in His Life

I was asked in a recent training course “If you could be anyone just for a day, who would it be and why?” Not an uncommon question I’ll grant you, but one that did take a few moments thought to answer. 389 more words

Random Musings

My kid > yours.

You know, someone today told me that it was “okay that Tegan didn’t know how to tie her shoes or that she wasn’t in a sport of some kind..that she will get there on her own, in her own time.” While I appreciated the sentiment, I was a bit confused. 230 more words


Little Heart. Big Cause.

Our son, Adam (now 2 years-old), was born with a major Congenital Heart Defect called Truncus Arteriosus. The defect is complicated but essentially means that he was born without a pulmonary artery (one of the two major blood vessels that extends from the heart). 345 more words


Stop kissing the minivan

My husband and I were discussing the possibility of selling my minivan and getting a newer vehicle when my son, who will be 6 in a couple of weeks, overheard us. 649 more words