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My Daughter Quoting Scripture . . . More or Less!

Photo by Dodgerton Skillhause on Morgue File.

Last night, as I sat zombie-like in front of my TV screen watching this year’s first batch of D1 college football, my four-year old daughter was at the kitchen table quoting some bible knowledge! 358 more words

Grace In The Everyday

Counting My Blessings Before Complaining!**Random Thoughts from a Wife and Mother**

Life could be a lot harder and I know it, but often times I find a complaint in my thoughts other than a thank you. Recently, I have had so much trouble with that. 506 more words


Yes, I Sleep Train My Baby. No, I'm Not Abusive.

There is a lot of loaded discussion when it comes to sleep training. I’ve seen enough comments along the lines of, “People who let their children cry it out are  1,265 more words

My Life

I want to kiss our pediatrician


This summer has been ROUGH in the sleep department. Partly the sunshine streaming in the window until well past 9pm, partly an attachment toddler who wants his mama thisclose to him all.the.time when he’s sleeping, has led to a spiral of sleep deprivation that was just not working anymore. 804 more words


Ask and You Shall Receive

I don’t remember my mother having to do this when I was younger. When I was growing up, snacking was a foreign word, “grazing” didn’t exist, you didn’t consume anything without asking, you ate whatever was put in front of you… 462 more words


So How Many Parents Get Their Babies Vaccinated?

You’ve probably heard about parents choosing not to vaccinate. But exactly how many people are opting for shots? According to the recently-published 2013 National Immunization Survey… 172 more words


You Don't Have to Like Poop to Be a Good Mom

As a single child-less gal in my 20’s (and up until I was 31 when I actually had a baby) I thought, “There’s no way I could be a mom, I’d never be able to stand cleaning up the poop.”  I guess I thought that women who were crazy enough to be mom’s… 744 more words