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Easter Egg Decorations: Meet the Royal Eggwards Family

Journey and I really had fun decorating our easter eggs this year. I don’t know which one of us came up with the idea of creating an egg princess that somehow turned into a royal family.  130 more words


MomViews: Doing It On Your Own

Being a mother can be a wonderful experience. But when you have to take on two roles — both mother and father — it gets tough. 575 more words

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Lessons In Letting Go Part 3

God wants to give life to the full but there is nothing more that Satan wants than for people to feel isolated, trapped, insignificant, unworthy…

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Unmet Expectations

I don’t know about you, but when I have expectations that aren’t met, it can feel like a slap in the face.  Because with expectation comes anticipation…good or bad, it’s at least something you can prepare for. 500 more words


Doubt and the Easter Bunny

I told Elijah the Easter Bunny isn’t real.

There are very few parenting choices I’ve made that I feel 100% confident about. My choice not to surgically alter either of my children’s bodies without medical cause, my choice to breastfeed on demand for at least a year, and my choice not to allow them to have any electric riding toys might just about sum that list up. 882 more words