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Sleepless Nights and Nagging Worries

Me and Christy are so grateful for three kids who are wise, funny, and smart. They have the right priorities, good friendships, and a great work ethic. 816 more words

My Family

Being 'Mam'...{and week 35 in photos}

Being ‘Mam’, for me right now, goes a little something like this:

…it’s going to read on my kindle to find the battery is dead.  Diolch bois! 436 more words


Dream Travel MOM: My life as a "Mom"

Hmmm….sudah lama sekali nggak menulis blog….. Terakhir kali menulis di tanggal 24 Juli…berarti sudah lebih dari sebulan saya tidak “nge-blog”. Memasuki bulan September ini, saya punya semangat baru untuk menghidupkan blog ini. 234 more words


Is my Dad a spy?

Even at the tender age of 89, my Dad can still deliver a come back with just the right amount of bite. As I made him his breakfast and put the porridge down in front of him, I warned him that the bowl was very hot. 197 more words


Are we creating little narcissists?

Not too long ago I experienced my 128,743rd “parent-fail” moment. It was the evening before my daughter’s new friend’s birthday party. In the midst of organising and confirming a grandparent’s availability to take her to said party I realised that I had forgotten to RSVP. 744 more words

Life Lessons

Are we praising our children too much?

This is an era of showcase parenting.

“My child writes poetry at eight.”

“Mine reads biographies at ten.”

“ Mine learnt how to play the piano at six.” … 847 more words


Join the "Become a Better Mom Challenge"

Today, September 1st, and continuing through the end of the month, I’m exciting to begin a challenge that will hopefully make me  (and you!) better moms! 425 more words