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Parenting Class Tomorrow!

Our Parenting Class meets tomorrow, Fri. 9/5 at 10 am.  Led by Stevie Westmoreland, MS, MEd, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), each month covers a new topic. 35 more words

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My inner control fairy

In our last parenting class, our teacher made a throwaway comment about not making kids put toys away in any particular order that struck me to my control-freak core. 544 more words

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This morning I was dragging, having gone to bed way too late last night. I went upstairs to get dressed after my shower, and the three kids came with me. 487 more words

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This morning I spent a while weeding while the kids played in the dirt and water. Hazel really wanted to weed with me, but the plants I’m pulling up have long, fragile roots, and they’re taking over the garden, and I wasn’t in the mood to teach and weed with her while also looking after the twins. 500 more words

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I have, apparently, almost succeeded in convincing one of my students that a contraction is not a shift. We had a long discussion about it today. 311 more words

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We left Thursday afternoon to head for the mountains, had no internet connection there, got back Saturday night late, I photographed a wedding on Sunday, and bedtime was hard last night so I chose to watch more Potter with Ted rather than writing a blog post. 1,099 more words

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I am rather seriously overloaded right now. There’s the whole increasing intensity of parenting, the upcoming kindergarten experience for Hazel in which we don’t know if we’ll be transferring her to another school after the school year has begun, various personal and internal things that have come up for me that I’m having a hard time processing, and a significant amount of stress in the lives of people I love, as well as enormous global stress that’s hard to contemplate (Israeli/Palestinian conflict, abductions in Nigeria, etc.) One thing that’s going on is that one of my college friends is in jail. 393 more words