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Visiting Second Grade Again

Eadaoin started the first of her 25-week Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group or rather I should say that we both did.  A parent has to attend, too.   1,794 more words


Breaking Cycles Can Be Fun

Yesterday was a very cool day.  Doireann and I were touring colleges.  Two colleges to be specific.  We live in a college-saturated state.  I don’t know if people think of colleges and universities when they think of our state, but we’ve got ‘em.   1,017 more words


Playing Princess

I recently purchased a paper doll set at the insistence of my 6-year-old daughter. Most people would probably rejoice that a child would dare chooses a tactile toy versus life sucking technology. 454 more words

Parenting: AKA - I Don't Know Any More Than You Do

Sundays at the Museum (and raging tourists)

A woman just told my adorable two-year-old daughter to “f–k off”. Seriously. Some crazy lady looked at my tiny lovely little girl and cursed her out. 1,174 more words

Parenting Girls

The Fabian Strategy

Doireann and I had a fight.  Well, let me back it up.  Our version of a fight.  We don’t have those stereotypical mother-daughter screaming matches.  So, whatever we had, it was a highly charged, intense, emotional exchange.   2,901 more words


When Friends Don't Come Through

There is hope.  I like saying that.  I may have found a school for Eadaoin to attend next year.  It’s just one district over, and it’s small.   1,387 more words

Mental Illness In Children

My Daughter, the Scout

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before my small girl’s unwillingness to participate in clubs. She did yoga and knitting clubs at school but when they finished she decided to just stay at home and ‘rest’. 289 more words