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The Executive Decision

We are a very forgiving household.  This is why almost all my daughters’ friends spend their time here.  It’s also why most of them call me ‘Mom’.   1,421 more words


Being your mother

A few weeks back I happened upon a post by Becca @ Three Plus Me Blog. It’s the beginning of a series of letters she will be writing to her newborn daughter (after having two boys).  509 more words


The Gift of The C-Word

I can be slightly naïve at times.  Well, not naïve.  Optimistic perhaps.  I tend to believe the best about people and circumstances, and, when people behave like absolute asshats, I’m almost always surprised.   825 more words


Mean Encounters

Me Too has had her first run-in with the resident Mean Girl. I guess it’s good all of her brother’s experiences have steeled my heart or I’d be out there with my sword bared, swashbuckling with abandon. 268 more words

Patchouli to Pine Sol My Parenting Journey

I started out as a totally hippie, granola-munching, tree-hugging mama. I gave birth to my kids at home. I breast fed them for two years. I used Waldorf style toys and books (all wood, silk scarfs for dress up, and lovely fairy stories). 456 more words

Alica Mckenna Johnson

Glitter Kisses...All Over My House!

I never thought of myself as a kid person….until I was one. After having my first baby girl at age 24, I began a journey that would ultimately include two more girls, two amazing stepchildren (one of whom is a girl) and a host of other kids in my life on whom I’ve doted since my mommy genes took root. 351 more words


Constant distractions and conciousness detractions.

Look, we all do it. I certainly do. You do too. I don’t care who you are – I KNOW you do!

We all get distracted by our smartphones and tablets.  572 more words