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It's All About The Hair

Hubby and I took our daughter to get her hair done last night.

She loves it.

Alica Mckenna Johnson

So, Who Are You Supposed To Have Sex With?

I was part of a discussion on Facebook the other day about whether as a parent, you would buy contraceptives for your teens. I had to leave because some one said “No, because I believe in no sex before marriage, at least for girls—boys are another thing.” 583 more words

Alica Mckenna Johnson

Gender Bender

My sister is having a baby, and y’all, I am tickled pink! Or is it blue? Either way, I am one ecstatic “aunt-in-waiting!”

Hopefully, it won’t be long before we learn whether or not we need to start buying dresses with bows and lace or blue jean overalls.    1,525 more words



Being the mom of a two-year-old daughter, I don’t have to worry too much about where Bea gets her perception of femininity and womanhood. I am her main role model, along with family and her friends’ moms. 424 more words

Is It Manly Enough?

So the other day I had just finished dropping off the evil, um, precious children at camp, and the morning radio DJ asked for people to call in with the “Unmanliest jobs they had seen a man doing.” … 390 more words

Alica Mckenna Johnson