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Don't Worry...She'll Do It

My Ex’s father has been in-and-out of the hospital. While I have never cared for his mother, his father is a nice person. He is a worker. 337 more words

Parenting Lessons


This weekend I had to remind myself to let my kids be kids….

Sometimes as parents we try to control situations, most of the time for our kids’ safety, but too often we try to control them to make things more convenient for us… avoiding situations that could disrupt our day, cause a little chaos, etc… 414 more words

Parenting Multiples


So… my son Jed (yes, the last time I posted, I didn’t even have a born son) is in a new phase that could best be described as “Again!”  This means that he he gets completely fixated on something and won’t rest until he’s done it so much that we come to rue the existence of it.   484 more words


My parenting coach: Ashton Kutcher

In terms of parenting, I am a blank slate… I have no idea where to start from. When I was faaar very far from the prospect of parenthood, I was pretty sure I would be reading a lot about childhood psychology, doing research into bringing up children in the least damaging way possible and collecting as much info as possible to be an “aware” parent. 308 more words


Just another reminder....

Today, my son was accepted to his first choice in college.  I’m so excited for him. This time in his life is a critical part of his growing up. 82 more words

Parenting Lessons

Having My Daughter Was More about Finding Me than Raising a Person

No one is going to argue with this, at least I hope not, but parenting is 90% a reflection of how the parents were raised, what memories and joys we cherish and trying to recreate those for our kids, and 10% what we listen to (terrified) on the Today Show. 1,277 more words


The White Canvas shoe

Often we tend to buy things that we feel would define us.  A pair of jeans of this brand, a shirt of this color, or a lip gloss of a particular shade.   863 more words