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Just another reminder....

Today, my son was accepted to his first choice in college.  I’m so excited for him. This time in his life is a critical part of his growing up. 82 more words

Parenting Lessons

Having My Daughter Was More about Finding Me than Raising a Person

No one is going to argue with this, at least I hope not, but parenting is 90% a reflection of how the parents were raised, what memories and joys we cherish and trying to recreate those for our kids, and 10% what we listen to (terrified) on the Today Show. 1,277 more words


The White Canvas shoe

Often we tend to buy things that we feel would define us.  A pair of jeans of this brand, a shirt of this color, or a lip gloss of a particular shade.   863 more words


A mommy lesson to kick off Advent

I opened my computer with the thought of writing about the Christmas stress that so quickly descends upon us. I know our budget has already felt the restraints tighten and we aren’t even to December yet. 619 more words


Electronic Leases - The GPS Tracker Watch

You’ve all seen those poor children, either dragged behind or pulling on the child-harness their parents have strapped to them. They’ve been reduced to the same status as Grover the dog. 723 more words

Parenting Lessons

Let Her Eat the Apple Stem...and the core

What do you consider unpleasant? I’m not asking about harm or danger, I’m asking about your comfort and your empathetic-induced impediment when others do things that you personally don’t like and try to persuade them that they also should not partake in the said unpleasant activity. 549 more words

Parenting Lessons

Lessons from an Unexpected Evening with Both Kids

My wife fell terribly ill Monday night.  That sort of huddled in a ball, rocking back and forth, pleading for mercy sort of ill.  It sucked.  960 more words