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When Your Preteen is Socially Delayed

When my youngest son was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with social/emotional delays. We were told that although he was physically 5 years old and academically a kindergartner, he was the social/emotional age of a 2 year old. 661 more words


Important Parenting Tip: Teaching Your Children Forgivness

I recently had a member of our congregation ask, “How do I teach my children to forgive?” What a great question.

A couple things need to be differentiated here. 971 more words


The List: My Best Parenting Tip

Before I had kids, there were several things I said I would never let my kids do. Once I was actually a parent, however, many of the “nevers” evaporated in the reality of my day-to-day parenting challenges. 481 more words

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Important Parenting Tips... Do You Really Want a Wife?

This is a post that originated as two posts on Facebook. Here they are slightly edited. – al stout

In Doug Wilson’s book, Father Hunger, … 552 more words


Important Parenting Tip of the Day... Your Skin and your Soul are Connected

Not much to add to this little article.  It is an excellent counter to our society’s tendency to promote the material as the end all of being. 30 more words

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A Sigh of Relief

My boys are in their second week of school, but I a already beyond happy with their schools. This is a VERY new feeling for me. 1,061 more words