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Knowing Your Limits

If you were to look at my family, from an outsider’s perspective, I believe you would think my household is run by my 10 year old son. 793 more words

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Life Changing Lunches

45 hours.

That’s a conservative estimate of how much time I spent making my children’s lunches each school year until 2011.  I used 15 minutes a day for my estimate, because I am not at my best in the early morning.  483 more words

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Tip of the Day: Mindful Body Language

If you’re a tuned in parent, you’re aware of how your behavior influences your child. The sneaky thing about body language is that it’s non-verbal and often involuntary, which is why being mindful of it is key. 225 more words

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Advocating for Your Children

Whenever my husband and I walk into an IEP (Individual Education Program) Meeting, I know what to expect from my husband. He is very smart and wants the teachers and schools to know it. 518 more words


Jumping Off Curbs

When I was a kid, I never stepped over curbs.  That was something boring, tired adults did (I am NOT, of course, referring to my own parents).   442 more words

Back To School: Anxiety, Stress, and Oblivion

By Agnes Robl, Prevention and Outreach, On Behalf of Youth Services Peer Mentors

Feeling anxious about going back to school? Here are some thoughts about back to school from two of our peer mentors: D.J. 377 more words

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Are Kids Really "Colorblind"?

The racially-charged events in Ferguson are shedding light on a harsh truth that many prefer to keep in the shadows of American history. Despite electing a black president and reports of economic recovery, research by Brandeis University has confirmed that the US wealth gap between whites and blacks has steadily tripled over the past 25 years. 413 more words

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