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Is Your Child's Sport Their Passion or Yours?

I recently watched a documentary about four athletic kids and their parents. These parents had, according to their own descriptions, given up their careers to dedicate their time and money to their athletically talented child. 1,176 more words

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Das Boot.

“Boot” as in “boot,” not “boat.” My dog eats boots.  She has not, as of yet, devoured or even nibbled on a boat.  At least not to my knowledge. 689 more words

Parenting Tips

Fruit Fly Assassin.

We need to hire a hit man. Or a hit woman. We need to get someone, er, something six feet under. Dead. Kilt. Gone.

We need a Fruit Fly Assassin. 564 more words

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The Great Twitter Purge of 2014.

Well, nothing really “great” about it, let alone “Great” with a capital “G,” but I feel better. 

I just scanned through the 2,000 humans, corporate entities, and digital personalities I follow on Twitter.  1,031 more words

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Dabs – A new spin on old oil

By David Christensen, Youth Services Family Therapist

Hash oil is not new but the current way that the oil is being extracted and consumed is. About four years ago Dabs came onto the marijuana scene and is becoming increasingly popular with legal marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington State. 278 more words

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