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Words of encouragement are important to kids

But they’re double-edged swords. Use them with care. http://www.rookieparenting.com/praise-words-of-encouragement-for-kids/

Parenting Tips

Why I’m Fine with My Son Playing Youth Football

by Tuned In Parents guest blogger Courtney Conover

If I had a dime for every time I was asked the following question, I’d have enough in cash to fly our family first class to Bora Bora and stay there: 871 more words

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The Wasco Clown Is a Friend of Mine.

The Wasco Clown is right in my wheelhouse. I rush to Instagram every morning hoping against hope that he or she has or they have posted something creepy from his or her or their overnight exploits. 640 more words

Parenting Tips

Parenting Tip: Never Appease Children with Food

A parent’s reaction to a crying baby is usually to feed the baby, granted his diaper is dry and big sister didn’t hide a Lego up his nose. 349 more words

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Tips on Good Parenting

Try them. They really work to build a strong lasting relationship with your child.

Parenting Tips