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Tips to beat the holiday blues

By Jeff Langworthy, S.S.W., Case Manager

The holidays are a time for enjoying our family, showing appreciation, or celebrating our faith. For many, however, the stress related to the holidays can lead to feeling depressed. 360 more words

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Reduce Your Stress, Reduce Your Child's Stress

Kids stress when we stress. They act out, withdraw, have sleep issues, even their appetite and overall affect may change. Compound the daily grind with this season’s stressors, and the whole family’s got a manic Christmas and a hectic New Year. 668 more words


The Great Christmas Tree Crash of 2014 (The One-Horned Medicine Man's Medicine Is Good).

One December night maybe six or seven years ago, we vaguely heard a thud in the front of our flat whilst we slept. I don’t remember it all that well, truth be told, so maybe my subconscious managed to weave the real-world sound into whatever I was dreaming about that night. 679 more words

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Our little guinea pig!

Tips for Raising Girls

Raising girls – does birth order matter

Grace is our first born and for 22 months enjoyed an “only child” existence.  She had her parent’s undivided attention and life was great.  221 more words

Parenting Tips

Is Your Child's Sport Their Passion or Yours?

I recently watched a documentary about four athletic kids and their parents. These parents had, according to their own descriptions, given up their careers to dedicate their time and money to their athletically talented child. 1,165 more words

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Das Boot.

“Boot” as in “boot,” not “boat.” My dog eats boots.  She has not, as of yet, devoured or even nibbled on a boat.  At least not to my knowledge. 689 more words

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Fruit Fly Assassin.

We need to hire a hit man. Or a hit woman. We need to get someone, er, something six feet under. Dead. Kilt. Gone.

We need a Fruit Fly Assassin. 564 more words

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