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I Just Stole your Baby's Identity

You don’t even know me–true, we’re vaguely connected through a girl I knew junior year in high school–but look what I shared on my blog: 708 more words


That's My Girl

Our older daughter is winding up her music therapy internship before beginning her new job.  Her sister and I waited in the car in the parking lot and watched as she said her final goodbyes to some of the intellectually challenged adults she has been working with on Tuesdays.  41 more words

Neurotic? Maybe

Thing 1 seems to be losing everything. More forgetful the my aunt with alzheimers. We are implementing checklists in the hopes that the physical list will eventually become a mental one. 316 more words

The being busy movement

When did being busy become a virtue?

Someone asked this question in a column I read the other day and I’ve thought about this a lot. 574 more words


Why Teenagers Are Awesome

Most people are not youth ministers. Most people are (or will be) parents. God willing, most of those kiddos will be teenagers one day. Odds are, you were a teenager one time. 964 more words

The NFL and Destructive Masculinity

NFL players are amazing physical specimens.  They are almost all enormous.  Their arms are as big as my legs, they can lift their own body weight over their heads. 1,019 more words


my beef with healthcare

Normally, I’m upbeat and happy in my blog, but our healthcare system has me very aggravated at this point and I must vent!

First of all, I have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. 435 more words