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From Spoon-fed to Self-fed: How to Teach your Kids to Eat Alone

Being a mom is difficult and challenging. You have to make sure that all your kids’ needs are properly attended to and at the same time, teach them the necessary skills they need as they grow up. 1,084 more words

Mom's Corner

And breathe

Head is spinning this morning. Got a big meeting most of the day, I need to be sharp and clear. Still got two jobs and a long list of things to do. 60 more words


Thinking Science: do it early, do it often

Science is cool and critical thinking is such a valuable life skill. I’m disappointed it took me so long to discover them. That’s why teaching Miss 5 “how” to think has become a vital part of my parenting philosophy. 579 more words


Teeny weenies

When teaching children about wildlife, it is important to instil a nurturing affection while maintaining some perspective.

Two days ago, I was reading to my three-year-old daughter, and in the book there was a snail. 257 more words


The Walrus and the Carpenter or The Nodes: My Son and I

Just when I think things aren’t strange enough, I realize that Monty’s natal Nodes (not atrioventricular) are the same as mine (N 8th, S 2nd). Granted, the signs of our houses are different. 457 more words


Good grape-nuts.

As soon as the “business” that I started took off, I pretty much ignored Nuggins and Grocolate.


I knew my old friend was still here, this blog. 356 more words