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My Little Match Maker

The hormones of my 12 year old are starting to affect his brain. If I have to endure another talk about me getting married, having a baby or anything relationship wise that involves my love life I’m going to lose it. 486 more words


Parenting Gamer Kids

As part of writing my thesis and working with families around the “Negotiations of Play”, I’ve decided to run a parallel project to write a modest eBook relating to some of the work I’m doing. 336 more words



Daily, I choose what values are imparted to my children. Sometimes I’m intentional. When they catch me exercising – which is rare – I’m quick to say, “I want to stay healthy and keep my body strong.” Never do I hint at the fact that I need to lose weight. 226 more words


What I Learned About Life When My Little Brother Was Born

At 21 years of age, I was surprised to hear that my father was having another child. Actually I wasn’t surprised, I was speechless. Yes I realized that with my dad’s remarriage, things would change, but the thought of him starting another family seemed far-fetched. 1,058 more words

Lessons on forgiveness

In the past weeks, I’ve revisited my friend, Forgiveness.

I’ve seen what refusing her can do to a person, how lack of forgiveness can eat away at the soul, hold you hostage to the past, weigh down your heart with a heaviness that is oppressive. 500 more words

While You Were Sleeping

 I remember my kids’ baby days, when we were sleep deprived and wondering if this marvelous creature would ever sleep through the night. The first time they finally did, I remember waking up in a panic thinking “Are they all right?” I would listen carefully to the baby monitor beside my bed, trying to catch the sound of their breath. 218 more words


The Representation Project - Gender Roles

I came by this video across my Tumblr dashboard, and if you will just take a moment and watch it, this post will probably make sense in its entirety. 1,753 more words

Life And Beyond