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I was chatting to my best friend the other day (let’s call her V), and we were talking once again about Motherhood and guilt. Now don’t mistake me, I love my children, and there are so many wonderful things about being a Mama. 516 more words


Family Tuesday

I’ve decided that for family Tuesday I’m gonna write five things about each family member. Just five random things.

Starting with myself.

  1. I am really cold right now, I am cuddled up around two blankets and it is still not enough.
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new rug, photos, waitlisted for kindergarten

Today Ted and I picked up a rug for the dining room. It’s got a pattern, is pretty inexpensive, and will be easier to clean than the old hardwood floor. 430 more words

Today was my birthday

Today was my birthday. I let myself sleep in a bit, my girls have been sick for over a week and me too a bit. I’m tired. 293 more words

Everyday Holy

A Look Back at 10 Months...

He’s a look back at what changed with Mason and Sydney during month 10:


  • She walks!!!  BIG news, BIG development – my little 19 pound girl walks. 
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Back To Work... I Hope

It’s 6.50am on Wednesday morning. Not just any Wednesday, but my first day without children in seventeen days. In two hours, after the chaos of the school run, dropping reluctant (and probably tearful) children at school and nursery, I can finally get back to my work in progress. 237 more words

My Novels

No Sack Lunch For Jack: and how he lost his freedom (a very short story)

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack. He wanted to think he was free to go wherever he wanted to go, but he found out he wasn’t. 484 more words