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This weekend on the Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm I got to spend 24hrs with 3 friends who I have known for a long time. It was a privilege. 1,012 more words


How to be a Parent: Don't waste your breath

Parents of the world, can’t here yourself think? Think louder!

Can’t hear yourself speak? Then why waste your breath?

Wait for a quieter time to get those words out and, when that time comes, use those words wisely. 497 more words


When being yourself equals trouble

Over the weekend I had a great chat with my daughter, quite possibly, the best so far. We had a two-hour road trip and we talked. 646 more words


Baby's Growing Up

My friend Jim over at Speaking of Adventure, had a great post today about encouraging your kids to (safely) be adventurous. It’s as if he wrote it just for me.  485 more words


Go to school! I miss you.

So the 5 yr old wakes me at 1am boo-hooing, into my bed she comes. I assume not feeling well or another friggen nightmare.

No biggie. 381 more words


Deep Deep Down

Facebook posts taunt me with their reminders of all that I have given up. The house to nurture and put my stamp on, the romantic meals, shopping for gifts for my significant other. 232 more words

Engineering social change?

I have just finished sewing on the final badge on my daughter’s brownie sash after completing her Brownie promise ceremony. This is a rather bizarre ceremony where she is spun round a few times in front of a tin foil dish (representing a pond) while the others chant to turn her from a person into a Brownie. 298 more words