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# 21 Signs your mom is an Asian parent of 90's era

Hey all, have you ever noticed our asian parents do little bit different things than non asian parents.Here’s few weird yet absolute things our asian parents do around the house especially moms. 608 more words


Top 5 Reasons

So I have bored you with my silly stories of interaction with these kids for quite some time. I thought I’d give you a break and list off the mains reasons why I absolutely… 497 more words

Faith Tester Moments

You don’t realize how easy it is to trust God until you really have to trust God.  This is a hard truth that kind of slapped me upside the head in recent weeks.  599 more words


Mother of a Son

Being a mother of a son, from ancient days, is considered by few as a boon and as virtue.  Epics also glorifies the mothers of men like Bhishma, Rama, Krishan, Arjuna and Duryodhana, whereas mother of Sita were not seen. 400 more words


The Boy Who Refused to Stop Burping

I’m working on a longer & more serious story at the moment, so posts will be slightly less frequent.

in the meantime, please enjoy this story about a boy who refused to stop burping… 268 more words


play and cleanup, communication with kids, quartet rehearsal

This morning I was dragging, having gone to bed way too late last night. I went upstairs to get dressed after my shower, and the three kids came with me. 487 more words

Daily Talker: No More Baby Pictures?

Soon you may not see the seemingly never-ending collage of your Facebook friends’ children.

Many parents are now opting to keep their kids off social media. 96 more words